Celebs Who Splashed Cash On Some Pretty Ridiculous Purchases

Ashley Hunte
A person holding money that's been lit on fire, a luxury very few people can afford.
Unsplash | Jp Valery

While money can't buy you happiness, it sure can buy you a lot of really weird stuff you probably don't need. And the more money you have, the more tempting it is to spend a huge sum of it at once.

These celebs had (and mostly still have) money to spare when they made their big, strange purchases over the year. Let's take a look at them.

Justin Timberlake once bought Myspace.

Back before Elon Musk decided to try and buy Twitter, Justin Timberlake was busy buying Myspace. The singer/actor spent a cool $35 million on the social platform back in 2011, believing that it would be a sound investment.

Of course, the site was already falling in popularity by then, with Facebook taking over.

Timberlake said in a statement, "There's a need for a place where fans can go to interact with their favorite entertainers, listen to music, watch videos, share and discover cool stuff and just connect. Myspace has the potential to be that place."

Well, we all know what happened there.

Katy Perry once bought a $200k ticket to space for Russell Brand.

Though space travel for leisure has really heated up in recent years, it's not exactly new. Back in 2010, Katy Perry bought a ticket for then-fiancé Russell Brand to take a trip to space with Virgin Galactic. It only cost $200,000.

Though, it doesn't seem like he ever actually got to go to space.

At the time, Virgin Galactic was still in the testing phase for their passenger spacecraft. Twelve years later, I wonder if that ticket's still good for a ride?

Paris Hilton spent $325k on a dog villa.

In 2015, Hilton dropped serious cash on a villa for her two dogs in Beverly Hills. To the tune of $325,000. You could buy a human-sized house for that price in some places.

It also happened to have two floors and a balcony.

It's also 300 square feet in size, and sports designer décor. It might seem pretty frivolous, but I just know any dog parent out there would want to do the same if they had the cash.

At one point, Kesha was spending thousands of dollar a month in glitter.

Though she may have toned it down a bit in recent years, it's no secret that Kesha loves glitter. In fact, she told Vanity Fair in 2011 that she'd spend thousands of dollars a month for her shows (and in general).

Like, you basically couldn't be near Kesha without getting covered in glitter.

"If you come and see a show of mine, there is no shortage of glitter," she said. "By the end, everyone from the back of the auditorium to the very front is covered and potentially choking on glitter."

Beyonce and Jay-Z bought a Barbie valued at $80k for Blue Ivy.

Beyoncé during the Telephone music video.

In 2013, when celebrating their first daughter's first birthday, Bey and Jay spent serious cash on a diamond-encrusted Barbie doll. It had 160 gems and white gold jewelry on it.

They didn't stop at the extravagant gift.

Jay-Z rocking around anxiously.

The couple also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a lavish birthday party for the then-one-year-old, including pink and white roses for decoration, and a $2,000 birthday cake. Makes you kind of wish you got an invite.

Celine Dion spent $2 million on a humidifier.

Speaking from experience, having dry skin (and just feeling dry in general), really sucks. And when the air in your house is dry, the normal course of action is to invest in a humidifier.

Most of us spend a couple hundred bucks on one at most.

Celine Dion staring at the camera seriously and dropping an outstretched hand

But Celine Dion reportedly spent $2 million on one for when she's in Vegas performing. I guess you really can't put a price on good skin and an incredible singing voice.

Bono spent $1500 to get his hat flown to Italy.

Bono performing with his arms outstretched
Wikimedia Commons | Peter Neill

The year is 2003. Bono is set to perform at a charity concert for Pavarotti in Modena, Italy. Only there's one small problem: he'd left his trilby hat in London.

So he did what any reasonable person would do.

Bono greeting fans in France.
Giphy | franceinfo

He arranged for a taxi to take the hat to Gatwick airport, got it on a British Airways plane, flew it into Italy, and then had it driven right to him. The whole affair cost him around $1500. A small price to pay.

Lady Gaga spent $50k on ghost hunting equipment.

In 2010, Gaga became convinced that a ghost named Ryan was haunting her. She called the presence "annoying," and spent money trying to get rid of him. This included a $50,000 electromagnetic field meter to detect spirits.

But that wasn't the only thing she spent money on.

She got a medium to conduct a séance in order to try and communicate with the spirit, and had ghost hunters inspect venues where she was set to perform, just to make sure he didn't follow her there.

Nicolas Cage spent a lot of money on... a lot of things.

Nicolas Cage is pretty infamous for spending huge sums of money on really random, really expensive things. Like, the list of stuff he's bought is massive, but highlights include European castles and exotic pets.

And when I say exotic pets, I mean cobras, crocs, a shark, and an octopus.

Nic Cage breaking into hysterical laughter.

He also purchased several properties he's since had to foreclose, shrunken heads, a private jet, expensive cars, a haunted house in New Orleans, and dinosaur skulls. No wonder he takes pretty much any role thrown his way.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spent $10 million in doomsday prep.

Remember when everyone thought the world was going to end in 2012? Well, spoiler alert: it didn't. Unfortunately for Spencer and Heidi, they didn't realize that was the case until after they'd already blown through $10 million.

They were convinced an asteroid would hit, so they spent all their money.

How did they spend it? Just giving it away, apparently.

"I would give my friends $15,000 for their birthday. Just cash," Pratt said. "I would buy people cars. Every valet I met got a couple of hundred pounds tip. I would pay people $200 just to open doors for us."