Barista Gets Revenge On Rude Customer By Making Her Drink Decaf

Kasia Mikolajczak
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We all have experienced rising food costs lately. It's getting out of hand, really. But can you blame store employees for that? Um, I think not. What about the staff who make your food? I don't think you want to mess with that.

One barista hit back at a rude customer in the only way she knew how. I think this story will make you laugh. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Some people can't function without their daily coffee fix.

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True dat, haha. But do you really want to get on the nerves of your barista? Not only do people who make coffee for a living have a hard job but they do put up with a lot.

So the last thing they want their customers to do is lash out.

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That's exactly what happened to this one barista who recently posted a since-deleted TikTok. This lady was called an inappropriate name by a customer fed up with rising food costs.

I understand it's been hard for everyone.

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But do you really need to take it out on somebody who's just doing their job? TikTok user and barista Allie Larson (@allielarsonn) posted a now-deleted video of her making a cup of coffee with an interesting caption. She wrote, “the woman who called me a [expletive] in the drive thru expecting espresso but I made it decaf since I’m petty.”

OMG, what?

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Haha! Serves her right, huh? Okay, while I don't exactly condone what the barista did, she had a point. Why anybody would be rude to somebody preparing their morning coffee for something they don't have any control over is beyond me.

The barista continued with this.

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“Good luck yawning at your 9-5,” Larson captioned her post. “This [is] why you should always be nice to your barista who handles your coffee.”

Oh my goodness, haha. I wonder how this woman who got decaf instead espresso felt for the rest of the day.

Do you think she noticed anything?

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Anyway, here's some further explanation from the barista about rising costs.

"They keep getting higher. … I treat all customers with respect but if I'm being name called and screamed at my place of work and still keep it professional? Just know they are getting decaf,” Larson mused. “If you think I proved her point and that I’m cruel and that I should have turned the other cheek you clearly put up with [expletive] you shouldn’t.”


I don't think anybody should put up with being mistreated at work. Do you agree with that? Well, judging from the comments she got on her post a lot of people can't understand why anybody would be rude to somebody who makes their food.

Here are a few comments on the threat.

“If there is anyone I refuse to ever be rude to in this world, it’s people who handle my food,” one commenter said.

“It’s not even about being rude to someone who handles your food,” another commenter said. “What happened to being a decent human being? Be respectful, do better.”

Oh, yeah!

So, what do you think of this story?

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Do you think the barista was right for making decaf instead of regular coffee to be back at a rude customer? As I said, I don't exactly agree with the barista, but nobody should be mean to any staff. Period! This customer, although upset, should have treated the server with more respect. After all, they don't set the prices.