19 Times People Just Plain Got Ripped Off

Kasia Mikolajczak
man with his arms up looking shocked
Unsplash | Afif Kusuma

I'm not sure about you, but I get pretty peeved when somebody rips me off. In fact, it just happened to me the other day, and I'm still thinking about it with a sour taste in my mouth.

That's why I thought it would be some consolation to see what other people have experienced too. Check out these annoying situations and let me know how you feel about somebody treating you unfairly. Let's go.

This Poor Excuse For A Pasta Dish

small pasta dish next to sandwich and chips
reddit | Reddit | u/Charlie387

"The difference in the portion size. Plus both dishes were over $20 each."

Oh, my goodness. What? If both of these dishes cost $20, it looks like somebody already ate half of this pasta. Am I right? I would totally send this back.

This Food Drop-Off

text message exchange from DoorDash
reddit | Reddit | u/Secure_Extreme_4238

Don't you love it when that happens? I've actually never had this happen to my food delivery, but I did experience it with Amazon. However, if I were hungry like the wolf waiting at home for my food, I would not be a happy camper. That's for sure.

This Avocado Revenge

avocado with a huge pit inside
reddit | Reddit | u/GYDOLEM

I bet this person is trying to rack their brain as to what they could have possibly done to anger the avocado gods. For someone who loves avocados, this is the worst that can happen. How can they now make that avocado toast, huh?

This Delivery Surprise

broken jar of salsa con queso inside of a delivery bag
reddit | Reddit | u/elatederielotus

"The way Walmart shipped and FedEx delivered my jar of salsa con queso."

Holy moly! Speaking of those avocados, they would go lovely with a jar of salsa con queso. Am I right? Too bad Walmart and FedEx can't get their s*** together, huh?

This Window Seat

plane seat beside a wall
reddit | Reddit | u/time_fo_that

Flying these days can sure be a pain in the you-know-what. But imagine how you would feel if you paid an extra $47 for a window seat, only to get this instead. What the heck is up with that?

And This Window Seat

half a window seat on a train
reddit | Reddit | u/shorthooman

Here's another person who paid extra for a window seat on this train to end up with a half-window seat instead. I can just hear the person on the phone saying, "I can only offer you half a window seat. Sorry about that." Something tells me this doesn't suffice.

This Case Of Lost In Translation

three mozarella sticks on a lettuce leaf next to container of sauce
reddit | Reddit | u/Lonely_Is_The_Night

"Picture shows 8 mozzarella sticks, I received 3. It cost $12."

"Definitely call over a waiter and complain. Ask to talk to a manager if you have to. I’m normally not the type of person to recommend or do something like that, but this is just unacceptable."

"I did. She said, 'That’s how they come. Sorry. I’m not corporate.' She did take it off the bill when I sent it back though."


This Uber Scam

Uber charges sheet
reddit | Reddit | u/Paulrevere1188

OMG, what? Ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly why I don't Uber — EVER! I rather just get a regular cab that won't hit me with these ridiculous charges. Do you get what I'm saying? This one really does take the cake, though.

This Gourmet Mac 'n Cheese

crappy Mac 'n Cheese with steak at a restaurant
reddit | Reddit | u/Po1sonator

"Ordered steak and Mac and cheese at a riverside restaurant for $30. They brought out Kraft Mac and cheese."

This reminds me of that time I went on vacation, and the place tried to serve me Kraft Mac 'n Cheese when I paid $20 for dinner. I flat-out refused, and they had to make me an actual dinner, haha. You've got to speak up.

These Pittiful Chips

half a container of chips
reddit | Reddit | u/SpaceGeneralAmerica

"I just opened this!"

I remember when I used to be obsessed with Pringles and bought them all the time. However, I don't recall ever opening a package like this one. I guess everybody is cutting back these days but ripping off your customers is not okay in my book.

This Surprising Bill

407 Bill
reddit | Reddit | u/BLITZandKIL

"Went to Canada two months ago. This is a bill for a $4.25 toll that had no option of paying onsite."

Welcome to Canada, eh? And this is why we never use the 407, hehe. Funny enough, I had no idea about any of these extra charges.

This Sad Pizza Slice

tiny pizza slice
reddit | Reddit | u/The_Immortal_Avenger

"I paid a lot for a slice of pizza, and this is what I got."

Okay, I'm not about to tell somebody what to do, but I would definitely not take this as an acceptable pizza slice. This is something a child might enjoy but not a grown-up.

This Delivery Room Bill

Hospital delivery room bill
reddit | Reddit | u/tightlyHurt66

"Parents charged $40 to hold their own baby."

Only in America. Or is it? Well, at least here in Canada, giving birth is still free, and the hospital won't hit you with a $40 charge to hold your newborn. Wow!

This Outrageous Quesadilla

almost empty quesadilla
reddit | Reddit | u/rgb519

"The cafeteria had quesadillas for dinner, this is what the inside looked like."

I hope this person took this poor excuse of a quesadilla back to the cafeteria staff and gave them some heck for that. I mean, what did they pay for, huh? It's just an empty tortilla with a sprinkle of cheese. Come on!

This Supplement Bottle

half empty supplement bottle
reddit | Reddit | u/opihinalu

When you order a bottle of supplements, do you expect it to be full? I do. However, some brands think it's okay to give people a half-empty bottle and call it a day. Call me crazy, but I don't think that's fair. No way!

This Amusement Park Pizza Fail

tiny amusement park pizza that cost $11
reddit | Reddit | u/Brace12

"Amusement Park Pizza. Cost me $11."

I don't know about you, but this amusement park pizza that cost this person $11 is quite amusing. Is this a child version? Who did they think was ordering it? A grown man would have to eat 10 of these to be satisfied, haha.

This Blueberry Muffin

blueberry muffin with just one blueberry
reddit | Reddit | u/Moonlitmindset

This person ordered a blueberry muffin, and they dared to expect some blueberries inside of it. But to their shock and surprise, they found just one lonely blueberry. Awe, that's so sad. Would it kill them to put a few blueberries to make somebody's day? I guess so.

This $10 Salad

pittiful restaurant salad for $10
reddit | Reddit | u/WoundedDonkey

Can you believe somebody actually paid $10 for this bunch of iceberg lettuce and one tiny bit of tomato in a salad at a restaurant? Oh, my goodness. This is exactly why I don't usually order salads when eating out. Somehow I always feel cheated like that.

Wowza! Did these surprise you at all?

cartoon character saying "what a rip-off."
Giphy | SpongeBob SquarePants

I have to admit when I get ripped off as these folks did here, I become more of a skeptic. Can you blame me, though? If only all businesses were honest with their customers and not try to pull a fast one. Wouldn't that be nice? When was the last time you got ripped off?