20 People Who Went Full Send On Their Body Art

Hand made to look like members of Kiss
reddit | ActionHousevh

Body art is a pretty incredible concept. Whether you're talking about a basic tattoo or something a little more involved, body art is a way to use your body as a canvas.

Maybe it's done to convey a message. Maybe it's done to showcase some impressive skills. Sometimes it's done solely for the shock value. But in every case, body art is sure to attract attention.

"Long distance nails."

Telephone cord-themed nail art
reddit | JohnnyTeardrop

I appreciate the effort here, especially the way that the nail polish seamlessly blends into what I can only assume are genuine landline phone cords. This is a design that's rapidly losing currency, though, as landlines swiftly become a thing of the past. I guess that does make their cords easier to obtain for body art, though.

"I think I kinda like it?"

Goldfish-themed earring
reddit | tyldone

I'm getting Disco Stu fish shoe vibes from this one, but at least in this case, the fish isn't real. It's a bold look for sure, but compared to some of the other stuff on this list, it's downright quaint.

"Rice nails."

Rice-themed nail art
reddit | chr15c

You can tell some work went into getting this nail art done up just so, but at the same time, this looks like it would be relatively easy to pull off. All you really need is some glue and some rice.

"This eye contact eye face makeup."

Face makeup looks whole face look like giant eye
reddit | Currynrice9728

Makeup artists love to do stuff like this to flex their makeup skills. Each time I see an example like this, I'm conflicted: while the dedication to their craft is impressive, this is also something I really don't want to see, ever.

"This is very well done but it also makes me queasy."

Wavy lipstick art
reddit | Ash_Friday_2

When it comes to lipstick, all you usually see is a variety of colors applied in the normal way. This person takes things to another level with their wavy, mind-bending lip art.

"Eye toe eye."

Eyeball-themed toenail art
reddit | softiemon

"Wouldn't it be cool if toenails didn't look like toenails, but looked like little eyeballs instead?" asked no one ever. Like, the artwork is impressive as those eyes truly look living. But overall, it's kind of horrifying.

"This guy takes his beard to the next level, and even calls himself Mr. Incredibeard."

Animal-themed beart art
reddit | AdministrationSolid

Everyone knows that one guy who makes his beard his entire personality, and this guy — Mr. Incredibeard — takes that concept to an exhausting new level.

"Care Bear centipede: creepy and fluffy."

Tattoo depicting Care Bears as a centipede
reddit | Darkshino4

Since Human Centipede came out some years back, there's probably been an uptick in gross, centipede-themed tattoos. That's why this tat is a breath of fresh air. It's kind of cute, kind of gross, but could be a whole lot grosser.

"Double mustache is the latest male fashion trend."

A man with a regular mustache plus a mustache-shaped beard
reddit | AdministrationSolid

This isn't a look I'd want to rock full-time, but it's kind of fun as a one-off. I mean, you could have mustaches on your cheeks and neck too if you're precise with a razor.

"Fell face first into Mom's jewelry box face art!"

Man with a bedazzled face
reddit | SuperNeonSamurai-2

I'm not sure what this guy does for a living, but judging by his bedazzled face, I'm guessing he's the server at T.G.I. Friday's who wins the award for most flair every month.

"Last suffer."

Man with Last Supper-themed teeth art
reddit | kotonizna

Aside from your standard grills, tooth art isn't something you see much of. Maybe stuff like this is the reason why. The execution and attention to detail are both top notch, but at the same time, this seems like the kind of thing that nobody asked for.

"Which pill can I take to unsee this?"

Person with red pill and blue pill tattooed on hands
reddit | melted_uterus

I totally get what's going on here, but there's a problem: this person now has gigantic blue and red pills tattooed on their hands. That means that they'll never be able to take the one pill and reject the other one, since they're both stuck there permanently.

"A friend of a friend's tattoo..."

Tattoo depicting Ralph Wiggum as Pikachu
reddit | Sarahhatessunglasses

I don't think Ralph Wiggum and Pikachu have anything in common aside from their bright yellow skin, but maybe that's enough. While I wouldn't want to wear this tattoo, it's inoffensive and well executed.

"The sequel no one needed."

Man with patriotic designed sunburned into his torso
reddit | Nottherobotoverlords

If you really want, you can make a design on your chest, block it off, then go out in the sun and get a sunburn. Sure, you'll have a painful sunburn and dehydration to worry about, but on the flip side, you'll have a dumb sunburn design on your chest.

"Back to school."

School-themed nail art
reddit | cansuhchris

Back to school is one of those poignant times in life: kids trade summer activities for schoolwork, the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and people who are really good at nail art switch up their designs.

"I don't approve of this."

Cactus-themed nail art
reddit | acr564

I'm pretty sure these designs aren't intermingled, meaning this person is still able to move their fingers freely. I don't know what would prompt anyone to do something like this, aside from a deep love of cactus.

"The Great Wave off Kanagawa on body hair."

Body hair dyed and molded into The Great Wave off Kanagawa
reddit | feelsonline

"The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" is one of those pieces of art that you can just stare at endlessly. I'm not sure if I want to stare at this Great Wave-themed patch of blue body hair, but it's hard not to appreciate the effort here.

"Two faced awful taste."

Man with Munsters-themed face carved into the back of his head
reddit | lxm333

This is downright horrifying. I mean, it's cool how much the hair on the back of this guy's head mimics a human face, but that's putting aside the fact that no one wants to look at the back of somebody's head and see a human face.

"Barber has skills but wouldn't want my kid walking around with this."

Haircut incorporates Marge Simpson art, including hair
reddit | MegaMindxXx

I don't think the laws of physics would allow a real person to have a two-foot-tall Marge Simpson bouffant, so this is the next best thing. It looks amazing, but will probably start to look pretty weird as it grows in.

"You drive us wild, we'll drive ya crazy."

Hand made to look like members of Kiss
reddit | ActionHousevh

I'm not even sure how to categorize this one. I mean, it's definitely body art, but it almost seems to go beyond the idea of nail art. In any event, it's perfect for those who want to rock and roll all night.