15 Unsolved Mysteries I Can't Get Over

Lex Gabrielle
crime tape
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Everyone seems to be very interested and invested in True Crime nowadays. The unsolved mystery genre of disappearances, murders, and crime makes people interested. The mystery that leaves everyone thinking, "what happened" is something everyone can get behind. We may lead some stereotypical boring lives, so we love to get our hands deep in other people's worlds. Here are some of people's strangest "unsolved mystery" stories to dive into.

The disappearance of Brandon Swanson in 2008.

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Unsplash | Stefano Pollio

Brandon had been leaving a party in 2008 when he drove his car into a ditch. He called his parents, who were sent a truck to help get him out. He was on the phone with his dad trying to navigate him to where he was. When they got there, he wasn't where he said, so his dad told him to just go meet him at a nightclub parking lot. Then Brandon yelled "oh [expletive]" on the phone and the line went dead. They never heard from him again.

On December 4, 1872, a fully sailable and packed British-American ship was found totally empty.

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The Mary Celeste was apparently found totally intact with full cargo floating alone in the Atlantic Ocean. The entire boat was seaworthy and just drifting, all that was missing was a lifeboat and its crew. No one knows why the crew left and totally abandoned ship.

The Taman Shud Murder.

Unsplash | Jr Korpa

"They think he was poisoned, but they don't know with what. They don't know who the guy was because he had no ID on him and all his clothes had the tags ripped off. Then there's the brown suitcase, the fact that he was seen alive, I think, a full day earlier in the same spot they found his body, oh and the strange number code they don't understand," shared Late-Impression1372.

One of the extras from the Scarface movie went missing.

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Tammy Lynn Leppert, who was supposed to be filming as an extra in Scarface, mysteriously disappeared while filming the movie. She left her mother's home and never showed up to filming or showed up again. She was only 18.

The location of Heinrich Mueller, the final Gestapo chief.

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Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

"He was last seen in Berlin, roughly three days before it fell. At the time, he claimed to be fully aware of what the Russians did to POWs and that he had no intention of being taken prisoner. He most likely had access to foreign documents as the Gestapo leader and knew how to duplicate them," said Suitable_Bike85.

The A-bomb that the Americans lost in the ocean.

under the ocean
Unsplash | Jeremy Bishop

In the 1950's, an A-Bomb was dropped into the ocean during an aviation accident and completely disappeared. Apparently, it was much stronger than the bomb dropped in Japan. No one knows where it went.

The Setagaya Family Murders.

Unsplash | Jr Korpa

A man went into the Setagaya family's home and murdered the entire family. Then, he stayed in the house with their bodies and used their belongings, ate their food, and even used their toilet. He left his DNA all over the home and police never found him.

Brian Schaffer.

Unsplash | Elliott Blair

"A medical student who disappeared from a Columbus, OH bar without a trace. There is absolutely no footage of him leaving the bar on the cameras and he has never been heard of since. It seems as if he fell off the face of the earth. Crazy case," shared soulsista12.

The Dardeen Family Murders.

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Unsplash | Lacie Slezak

A pregnant mother and her son were found beaten to death in their home with a baseball bat the son had gotten for Christmas. The mother was beaten so badly that she went into labor and the newborn was also beaten to death. The father was found two days later shot in the head and dismembered. No suspects in the case.

The murders of billionaires Barry & Honey Sherman, found dead in their mansion in Toronto by their realtor.

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"They were found with their necks tied, fully clothed on their pool deck with no signs of a break in. Well known philanthropists, Barry was in the pharmaceutical industry and they donated millions annually to multiple charities. The police originally believed it was a murder suicide and didn't pursue other leads," shared Kickkit.

The 'Dog Suicide' bridge.

Unsplash | Andre Amaral Xavier

Located in Scotland, the Overtoun Bridge is also known as the dog suicide bridge because 50 dogs have jumped off of the bridge to their deaths since the 1950s. Some say it's a noise near the bridge and others say they have no idea why.

The 169th victim of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The aftermath of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City
U.S. Government | FBI

"They found an additional leg in the rubble. DNA tests showed it belonged to another victim who had already been buried but with the wrong leg. The wrong leg had already been embalmed, so they could not get DNA at the time. So who did this leg belong to? All other legs had been accounted for in other victims," shared draiman.

The disappearance of the 9th Roman Legion.

Unsplash | Ling Tang

Apparently, one hypothesis is that they just went and left the Roman Empire entirely and moved to China. There is one region in China where a lot of people have blue eyes and some believe this is the reason behind it.

Asha Degree, who went missing in 2000.

Missing person Asha Degree
FBI | Degree Family

"In 2000, she walked out of her home willingly at age 9 in the middle of the night on Valentine's Day during a massive storm. She was sighted multiple times walking down an extremely rural and desolate highway by herself in the pouring rain and then was never seen again. Her book bag was discovered miles away buried in a trash bag a year later."

Some murders are very close to home.

Unsplash | DDP

"For me personally, my grandmother was murdered in her home in 1996 (I think). She was beaten so badly, her own sister didn’t recognize her at first. Given where she was living it was most likely some meth head, who will never be found, but it’d be interesting to know who did that to her," said Orlando_Blues.