Glenn Close Was In 'Hook', But No One Seems To Remember

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Glenn Close in 'Hook'.
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As we get older, it's common for us to forget the details about things we loved as kids. We don't quite remember the name of a certain toy, or can't remember exactly how that one show ended.

What's less common is for the collective world to not just forget that a star was in a certain movie, but to not know they were in it at all, like what happened with Glenn Close in Hook!

Celebrity cameos have always been around.

Though we tend to hear more about them now, they've been a feature in cinema for as long as celebrities have existed!

They aren't always announced publically, though. Some are so subtle that audiences don't pick up on it the first time around.

A famous example of this is Glenn Close's cameo in 'Hook'.

Robin Williams in 'Hook'.
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Yes, Glenn Close was in Hook. I'm serious.

If you recall, the Peter Pan retelling's main conflict is between Peter Panning, played by Robin Williams, and Captain Hook, played by Dustin Hoffman.

It's during their first encounter that Close can be seen.

Glenn Close in 'Hook'.
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She's listed under the name 'Gutless' on the film's cast list. She plays a pirate on Captain Hook's ship, the Jolly Rodger, who Hook claims didn't believe in his ability to successfully kidnap Panning's children.

There's a reason you might not recognize her, though.

Glenn Close in 'Hook'.
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She's in a wig, a fake beard, and a fake mustache! They made her look completely different for the part.

Her character winds up thrown in a box for daring to question Captain Hook's skills.

The story of how she got the role is pretty fun.

She was on set that day to visit her friend, Robin Williams. She explained the rest to The Scotsman in 2012, saying, "We got there, Steven Spielberg said, 'do you want to be a pirate?' And I said 'sure.' So I got a beard and costume, and the script girl came on to me. She thought I was a man. In fact, nobody guessed I was a woman for three days. I'm pretty proud of that."

What an amazing story, and a fun bit of childhood movie trivia!

h/t: Looper