Awkward Celebrity Encounters People Actually Had

Kasia Mikolajczak
Hollywood sign
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I have to admit something to you: I used to be obsessed with actors and celebrities. I even made it my mission to meet some of them, too. However, not all encounters with stars are good ones.

Sometimes you can catch your favorite famous person on a bad day, or perhaps they're just not as nice in general as you thought. People on Reddit shared their awkward encounters with stars, and you have to read these stories to believe them, ha, ha. So let's go.

This Epitome Of Rudeness

"Don't know if it was confrontational so much as it was rude, but I once met David Hasselhoff at Rendono Beach when I was about 7-8 years old (so this was in the arc of his career in the mid-90s, plus my pop-culturally oblivious parents were the ones to spot him so you knew that meant this guy was primetime). I asked him for his autograph, and without skipping a beat or looking at me he said, 'I'm playing with my children right now, beat it.' I stood there not sure how to react or what to do, and he looked at me and gave me this weird face like he just smelled the most rotten thing that could ever billow into the nostrils of a human being and yelled, '[Expletive] off you little [expletive]'I ran away scared."

Aww, that's not nice.

This Blame Game

a man looking shocked and covering his face with his hands
Giphy | The Great British Bake Off

"My mom was organizing a book signing for Bill Cosby and she messed up the scheduling so the fans arrived 30 minutes early. Cosby flipped out and started pointing at my mom saying, 'THIS woman right here, she messed everything up! Blame her for your problems!'"

Oh, man I bet she was embarrassed enough without him going off on her like that.

This Gaffe

"I ran into Tom DeLonge from Blink 182 a couple of years ago at a Starbucks. I recognized who he was and said, 'I used to love you guys!' he looked at me and said, 'What do you mean, used to?' Then walked off. I really meant to say a compliment. Oh well."


This Unfortunate Event

Emeril Lagasse saying "Bam."

"One of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I met Emeril Lagasse. I saw him at a shopping mall for some kind of promotional thing he was doing there. I passed by and was looking at him and I ran straight into this big camera. It fell over and everybody just stared at me. Emeril came over and was really pissed, he was all red in the face and asked me why I ran into the camera. Nobody around seemed to notice he was being a huge douche. I told him it was an accident but he just told me to get out of there before I caused any more trouble. Easily the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. When I see him on TV it makes me cringe and I have to change the channel."

I don't know about you but that seems like such a jerk move to me.

This Sad Encounter

basketball shot
Unsplash | Markus Spiske

"I was about 8-years-old and was at my first New Jersey Nets game. After the game, you could meet some of the players and take pictures and stuff like that and I was basically in the back of a huge crowd of people surrounding the players. The meet and greet ended and players started leaving and then I saw Kerry Kittles walking my way. I was kinda upset I didn't get to meet anyone so I stepped in his path and stuck my hand up to him and said HI KERRY.....and he just plowed right through me. I mean he literally stepped on me and knocked me down and never looked back."

OMG, ha, ha!

This Scary Moment

woman saying "Wow, that's scary."
Giphy | Teen Mom

"Not only was this an awkward confrontation, but one of the most traumatizing moments of my life. I was running late for work one morning in Boston, but obviously still had to get my Dunkin Donuts. I was standing in line debating breakfast sandwiches next to a guy who had come in from a door on the other side of the store. A register opened up and I offered to let him go first. He replied 'No, after you!' I was still unsure so I was like 'Really, please go ahead, I don't know what I...' 'I TOLD YOU TO [expletive] GO!' And then I realized it was Gary Busey. It was terrifying for anyone to yell at me like that, but if you know anything about him you can only imagine the nightmares that followed."

Yeah, he can definitely be a scary guy, ha, ha.

This Whiner

"Back in '05 or '06 when I was working for my college's event planning board, Dane Cook came to the campus for a huge comedy show and to film an episode of his HBO comedy show, Tourgasm. My job for the day was to be a runner, meaning I'd drive people wherever they needed to go. Usually, that meant picking up lunches and buying guitar picks, but for the Tourgasm crew, it meant driving them up to lunch in Baltimore. I was actually pretty pumped, because (at the time) I was a fan, and (more importantly) the restaurant is pretty well known for serving delicious Maryland crabs. Dane's agent was a local and really wanted to go to this place, and Dane had been throwing a tantrum about it all morning — 'why couldn't we just get something close? What's so great about Maryland crabs? Waah waah waah.'

We're in the car, and he starts up again, this time, laying into me. First, he criticized my driving (it was a huge 13-passenger van; cut me some slack), saying I was going too fast after complaining about how long the trip was taking. Then he asks me, how much longer until we get there. There was a little traffic, so I figured I'd exaggerate a bit and hopefully, we'd get there sooner. I told him it'd be another 15-20 minutes, and he starts complaining again. Finally, I snap and say something like, 'you're the ones who wanted to go here. We'll get there when we get there.' They ended up airing that bit in the episode, and I haven't laughed at a Dane Cook joke since."

Wow! What a spoiled brat.

These Wild Requests

woman looking shocked

"I worked at a concert venue. Not a direct confrontation per se, but Dave Matthews is an asshole. Sorry for anyone who likes him, but his concerts are the worst thing ever. First, he's so conceited that when he's walking around backstage, he tells staff supervisors that any staff members he walks by should turn their backs and stare at the ground until he passes.

Second, the concert venue had big screens on the sides of the seats so people way in the back still had a semblance of a view. Dave Mathews required us to construct elaborate tarps hanging from the ceiling to block these because he didn't want to look at himself while he was singing."

Come on!

This Bad Behavior

"I was working in the art department on a music video at [Pete Wentz's] bar in LA a few weeks ago for his crappy new band. He decided it would be a great idea to get wasted on set. Near the end of the 18-hour day, I started cleaning up. I was minding my own business and scooping gumballs and broken glass from the stagnant bar sink water. Yes, gumballs. Bubblegum was the theme of the video and he poured a 3-pound bag of gumballs on the singer when I had instructed him to throw one handful at her and one at the audience.

Pete stumbled over, looked at me, looked at the sink, looked at my gloved hands, and said, 'This beer isn't [expletive] cold enough.' He proceeded to pour an entire pint of Corona on my hands and arms (I was in such shock I didn't think to move them immediately). I looked at him incredulously. He shrugged and walked away."

What a jerk, huh?

This Awkward Silence

woman waving her hand with writing "who farted?"

"I rode in an elevator with Al Roker at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. He farted just loud enough for us both to hear...and I didn't say anything."

Seriously? Who does that? I can't stop laughing at that.

This Celebrity Crush Encounter

"I wouldn't say it was a confrontation so much as a SAP moment where I offended a celebrity crush that I had for several years. I worked at Long Beach Airport for TSA back in 2003 and was working the Baggage X-ray/Inspection Line when Rose McGowan came through my line. I had been a fan of hers for years and loved her Independent film career (The Doom Generation, Lewis & Clark & George, etc). So I asked for her autograph (which is against government policy) and as she hands me the autograph I blurt this out, 'I'm a really huge fan...I love all your B movies.' She gets visibly agitated and responds, 'I don't make B movies, Shannon Tweed makes B movies. I make Independent Films!' I am mortified..."

Oh, okay, gotcha.

This Entitled Behavior

Shia Labeouf saying "Absolutely."
Giphy | The Late Late Show with James Corden

"So about four years ago (I was sixteen, my sister the same age) my family was at O'hare. And we were waiting for a delayed flight and then this jackass with a suit and slick-backed hair walks up and starts acting tough and talking loud, yelling about random BS with his friends. He quiets down and then tries to look down at my sister's shirt. I see this and shout 'Hey!' he then looks at me, shrugs, and then walks away. Found out on the plane it was Shia Labeouf."

I hate to say it but that doesn't surprise me.

This Arnold Encounter

"I was working in a mall kiosk selling cellphones. One night, some lady came in and wanted a hands-free headset. She asked if it would work with an out-of-country phone (I was in Vancouver then). I said of course. She came back later that night and said it didn't work. We had just set up the kiosk and I was unable to do refunds so I sent her (in the rain, mind you) to the main store down the street.

The next day, she comes storming up to the kiosk. My work buddy goes - holy [expletive], it's that woman...and she brought Arnie with her! The lady starts screaming at me for making her go out in the rain when the other store was closed (oops), all the while Arnold Schwarzenegger is standing behind her, looking confused and talking German to his friend. Turns out she was his personal shopper. Very surreal. This was in the '90s."

Ha, ha!

This Diss

Mike Myers saying "are you mental?"

"I had a friend from out of state swinging through town and we met in NYC for lunch and a couple of drinks. We are eating at the bar and I see further down that Mike Myers (SNL, Austin Powers, etc) is at the other end of the bar watching a soccer game on the television and drinking a beer. I had never encountered a celebrity before and didn't want to be some obtrusive asshole.

But prior to paying our tab I walked over and said, 'Hey Mike, I'm a big fan, can I buy you a beer?' And without even turning to look at me he says 'I can afford my own drinks asshole, save your money for my next movie.' I stood there speechless for a second and embarrassedly turned back to my spot at the bar, we paid our tab and split without saying a word. I really felt like a d*** head, ha, ha."

Honestly, I wouldn't expect that from Mike. Aren't Canadians considered nice?

This Odd Behavior

"I used to work at a casino that would get different kinds of celebrities coming in. From Daman Waynes to Tito Ortiz. From Paul Rodriguez to Jenna Jameson. I remember we had Kiefer Sutherland come in and do a little gambling in the high-limit room. He was there because he was shooting for the 7th season of 24. He came by the cashier window where I worked at and the only time I said anything to him was 'How is your day so far Mr. Suthlerland' and 'How would you like your money?' The whole time he kept quiet. Did not say a word. Until he grabbed his money and I told him 'Have a good day Mr. Sutherland.' That's when he looked at me and literally said 'You need to learn how to shut the [expletive] up.' I don't think I've ever had the most shocked look on my face before. I mean, I've had some [expletive] up customers, but I think this one took the cake."

Well, Kiefer used to hang out in bars in Toronto and I've heard plenty of stories of his drunken behavior so I can't say I'm surprised.

This Awesome Response

Prince shaking his head no

"My grandfather owned a large-scale electronics store, that often rented concert equipment. Prince's manager came into the store asking to be helped in front of all these people who were waiting in line:

Manager: HELLO isn't anyone going to help me?

Grandpa: there are plenty of people in line in front of you

Manager: yes, well I represent prince

Grandpa: I don't care who Prince is, I'm the king.

The End."

I love that.

This Car Incident

"Ahh, no one's gonna see this, but here goes...I was in NYC once with a friend. We were walking north on Broadway from 46th to 47th street in Times Square. We were minding our own business not thinking anything about life, much less about celebrities. The walking light turned white and a group of like 50 people started walking. My friend and I were in the front of the group with our heads down. Then we heard a little tire screeching and a car horn. As soon as I looked up there was a Land Rover's bumper on my right knee and my friend was bent over on the left fender. We both looked up at the driver and it was Usher. He had some hot girl in the passenger seat and he looked pissed that we were even walking in the middle of a GREEN crosswalk. I went to give him the finger, but the other 47+ people surrounded his car in adoration. My friend and I kept on walking."

Sounds like he needs a driver, ha, ha.

This Unusual Encounter

Heath Ledger as Joker saying "Why so serious?"

"A friend of mine was a production assistant on The Dark Knight and was with Heath Ledger on the elevator he comes out of during the fundraiser/dinner Wayne throws for Dent (not during filming, of course.) The production assistants were told not to speak with the actors and not to stare at them, etc. Knowing this, Ledger apparently walked circles around her on the elevator, breathing down her neck, all up in her face, licking his lips, and all the while in full makeup and character. She said she was as terrified as she was giddy."

OMG, that must've been awesome, haha.

Whoa, what do you think of these celebrity encounters, huh?

man in a sports car
Unsplash | Andre Sebastian

Have you ever met somebody you admired and had a less than happy experience? It never happened to me, but my mom once got shunned by Robert Downey Jr. (one of my favorite actors). She handed him a picture to sign, and he looked at it and said, "maybe or maybe not," and walked away. I was so embarrassed when she told me this because I was a huge fan of his. She was annoyed with him for a while but got over it. So if RDJ ever reads this — you owe my mom an apology, lol.