20 Sweet Thrift Store Finds People Just Had To Show Off

Heinz ketchup-themed phone
reddit | Magicord

It's been a few years since we've had a hit single about thrift stores, but that doesn't mean that these secondhand purveyors aren't out there.

Indeed, thrift stores are a great place to find, well, just about anything. There are good deals, bad deals, things you've seen, things you can't even identify, and a dizzying sense of how much stuff is truly out there.

If you haven't found any good thrift finds lately, keep searching. There's a treasure out there somewhere.

"Picked up this 70s windbreaker at a thrift store today and there was a broken fin from a Lawn Jart in the pocket."

Thrifted vintage windbreaker with lawn dart in the pocket
reddit | rxsangria

OP is treating it like the broken lawn dart is the big find here, but they're burying the lede. Just look at the aesthetics of this beautiful vintage windbreaker and tell me you wouldn't rock it.

"$2 print of a painting of Bigfoot from the movie 'Harry and the Hendersons' found at Christian thrift store."

Thrifted print of Harry from 'Harry and the Hendersons'
reddit | dioscuriII

The '80s were a weird time in many ways, so it isn't too surprising that someone decided to paint Harry from Harry and the Hendersons. It's equally unsurprising that it was eventually donated to a thrift store.

"Thrifted this Offspring CD today while wearing an Offspring shirt that references this album."

Man wearing Offspring shirt while holding thrifted Offspring CD
reddit | retired_punk

If you came of age during this era, you probably remember 1994 as being a pretty good year for music. Sure, CDs may be obsolete now, but they can still be nice to have.

"Found this old globe at the thrift store that had the USSR marked on it."

Vintage globe shows the USSR
reddit | Ash_Trash13

Globes just don't sell like they used to, which helps explain why so many secondhand globes you'll see in thrift stores clearly come from the Cold War era.

"These 'New!' Q-tips I found at the thrift store."

Vintage box of q-tips
reddit | giorge27

These 'New!' Q-tips are now so 'Old!' that they may be a collectible. Lots of people are into this kind of vintage aesthetic, which means this box may be worth something.

"Found in a file cabinet I bought at a thrift store. Only expired in 1993!"

Thrifted promotional Taco Bell 'wild card'
reddit | DoomDoomBabyFist

Look, I realize that this thing is functionally useless. It's been useless since August 30, 1993. But look at those graphics. Drink in the nostalgia. I think it's a must-buy.

"Bought a golf bag at local thrift store and found these items on the side pockets."

Thrifted golf bag comes with water bottle and can of beer
reddit | BartonKEyes1

It was considerate of this person to provide not just a golf bag, but an all-in-one golf kit. It even comes with a can of beer for when you're done at the links.

"This 3D printed shoe at the thrift store."

A 3D-printed shoe
reddit | laceandhoney

I'm guessing this is more of a proof of concept than it is an actual shoe that you're supposed to wear. It looks terrible and is probably very heavy. It also doesn't appear to have a partner.

"These thrift store pajamas match my Very Hungry Caterpillar socks."

Thrifted pajamas perfectly match man's socks
reddit | SasquatchDroppings

What's it mean when you find something in a store that perfectly matches what you're wearing? You can't just automatically buy it for that reason, but at the same time, it's hard not to.

"This 1996 Netscape keychain I found thrift shopping today."

Thrifted Netscape keychain
reddit | Sad-Construction1892

Does anyone remember Netscape? The experience of staring blankly at the browser as it ever so slowly loaded up a website as your parents yelled at you to free up the phone line was a real mood.

"This Solo Jazz tech shirt my wife bought for me for cycling at a thrift store."

Solo Jazz themed shirt
reddit | burgher89

The 'Jazz' pattern was once found only on paper cups, but now you can find it everywhere. I have no idea why it's taken off to this extent, but in any event, this is a nice find.

"Found a box of ketchup packets at my local thrift store."

Thrifted box of ketchup packets
reddit | MySafewordIsPopRocks

This is quite a find indeed, because these aren't just any ketchup packets. They're those weird plastic ones that you can use as dipping cups. I wonder if they've expired yet.

"These shoes found at a thrift store with controller shaped soles."

Shoes with tread mold from a remote control
reddit | NijiKoneko

I'm pretty sure this is the result of someone reusing a remote control mold to serve as a shoe tread mold. It's a weird choice, but it actually looks like a pretty decent tread.

"Whole set of pogs about 'leaders of our country' I found in a thrift store from the '90s."

Thrifted presidential-themed pogs
reddit | BlorseTheHorse

Pogs were a short-lived trend that burned bright for awhile and then died almost immediately. These aren't name-brand pogs, but plenty of us are more nostalgic about the weird knockoffs than we are about the real thing.

"The color coordination at this thrift store is immaculate."

Books on shelves arranged to show color gradient
reddit | SideRepresentative38

This isn't an individual thing found at a thrift store, it's more of a whole wall that was found at a thrift store. Are any of the books worth reading? Maybe, maybe not, but I'm mostly here for the pleasing color gradient.

"So I found this at a thrift store and now I don't know what to think."

Thrifted Berenstain Bears doll
reddit | Sneakyferret07

In case you're not up to speed, the spelling of Berenstain Bears is a major example of the Mandela Effect. As for me, I was about six years old when I was reading these books, so I don't remember how things were spelled.

"Found this when I was thrifting. Yes It does work. have no idea on where to find more info though."

Thrifted record player
reddit | dangit1590

This appears to be a record player that's never been used, which is a rare find indeed. Most vintage record players found in thrift stores are too beaten up to bother with.

"Wingsuit I found at a thrift shop."

Man wearing Red Bull wingsuit
reddit | PM-me-ur-left-tiddy

Red Bull claims to give you wings. I was never quite sure what that was supposed to mean until I saw this. I guess sometimes Red Bull literally gives you...well, not wings exactly, but a wingsuit.

"I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store."

Man wearing reflective anti-paparazzi pants
reddit | penededios

I find it funny that the only people you ever see wearing these anti-paparazzi clothes are people who aren't being followed by paparazzi to begin with. It's cool if you like reflective stuff, I suppose.

"I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today."

Heinz ketchup-themed phone
reddit | Magicord

One casualty of the end of the landline era is delightful objects like this. You just can't find a good novelty landline phone anymore.