Heated Debate Erupts Over Whether Cloud Looks Like Cat Or Dog

Ryan Ford
A cloud that looks like both a cat and a dog
reddit | jhvk

You have to respect the geniuses who come up with optical illusions. There's some heavy brain work behind them, and probably some serious computer programming as well, not to mention no small amount of artistry.

Sometimes, though, optical illusions just kind of...happen. Sometimes it's a dress that nobody can agree on the color of, and sometimes it's beach scene that could be a rusted out car. But there's nothing like some classic cloud-gazing to really get into some optical illusions.

Our eyes and our brains just love to try to make sense of things.

A combine harvesting at night that looks like a concert crowd
reddit | Scaulbylausis

We look for recognizable shapes and patterns in random things, whether they're actually there or not.

Like in the above pic, where it might seem like we're looking at a concert at night where the crowd is going wild, but it's really a field of cotton being harvested.

But there's nothing like a big, fluffy cloud to inspire the imagination to find a shape — and part of the fun is finding out what other people see.

A cloud over a house that looks like both a cat and a dog
reddit | jhvk

Which brings us to this pic of a cloud, posted on Reddit, that the uploader couldn't decide on — does it look more like a cat or a dog, they wondered?

And just to make it clear, they outlined the ways the cloud could look like either a cat or a dog.

A three-image panel that shows how a cloud could look like both a cat and a dog
reddit | jhvk

The paws-out look is pretty clear, as are the pointy ears, but from there, it's pretty much up to your imagination whether the "face" is more cat-like or canine.

But that doesn't mean that folks didn't have some strong opinions on the matter.

An indecisive kitten with the caption "so many choices..."

"But it looks like a cat foremost," one person wrote.

"I saw dog first," another replied.

"Yeah the dog is a pretty big stretch. It’s just a cat," another wrote.

"It’s a Samoyed!" suggested another, going right down to the fluffy cloud-like breed.

One person suggested that what you see will be skewed by your personal preferences.

Angela from 'The Office' saying "If you pray hard enough, you can turn yourself into a cat person."
Giphy | The Office

"Depends if you're a cat or a dog person," they wrote.

"Did the test, wife says she is a dog person and I'm a cat person, we both saw cat first so it's time that my wife embrace her true nature we are getting rid of the dog to adopt 5 cats," one person replied.

A few people got philosophical about it.

The bullies from 'The Simpsons' cloud-gazing, with Kearney saying one looks like a cherry bomb

"It is interesting that people try to find meaningful patterns in things that are essentially random," one person wrote. "I have noticed that the images they perceive sometimes suggest what they are thinking about at that particular moment. Besides, it is clearly a bunny rabbit."

And quite a few people didn't see either a cat or a dog.

A cartoon character gesturing toward a unicorn cloud
Giphy | Nickelodeon

"It really looks like a happy frog," one person suggested.

"Also looks like a hunched over Man carrying a wooden backpack," another wrote.

And many others simply mashed the two up into a "catdog."

What do you see? Let us know in the comments!