Man Films Pregnant Wife's Meltdown Over 'Bread Tin'

Ryan Ford
An overhead view of a pregnant woman holding a cup of coffee and resting a donut on her belly
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Pregnancy does some weird things to the body — it can make your hair and nails grow faster, change your shoe size, and increase your flexibility. And of course, you have to go to the bathroom a lot more often, and you get the strangest food cravings, or sometimes, aversions.

Of course, it's one thing to hear about the changes pregnancy and its accompanying wash of hormones can bring — it's another thing entirely to experience them and see them up close.

Matty Wilson and his wife, Jess, recently found out they'd be adding to their family.

Matty, an Australian actor who stars in the TV show Neighbours, and Jess already have one child together.

However, as Matty wrote in an Instagram post, this time around Jess wants to see what her pregnancy breakdowns are like, so she asked him to film one.

Matty, being a dutiful hubby to his pregnant wife, obliged.

Jess Wilson having a breakdown in a car, with a hand on her head
instagram | @mattywilson

And, for the rest of us, he posted it on his Instagram.

In the post, Matty writes that "Jess asked me to record her pregnant breakdowns. In todays episode, Jess is upset we don’t own a bread tin."

In the clip, Matty asks Jess what the problem is.

Jess Wilson crying in a car
instagram | @mattywilson

"You didn't get a banana tin," she responds.

"Because you wanted to make banana bread?" Matty replies.

"Instead I got a really expensive ceramic dish and another slice thing because we want to make a slice."

However, it didn't take long for Jess's tears to turn to laughter.

Jess Wilson laughing in a car
instagram | @mattywilson

"Would you say this is pregnancy hormones?" Matty asks. "You're halfway between a laugh and a cry."

Rather understandably, Jess's moods seem to be swinging heavily thanks to the hormones.

It's a situation a lot of Matty and Jess's followers could relate to.

Comments on an instagram post about pregnancy
instagram | @mattywilson

"I feel ya girl! I cried the other day because I wanted some juice," one person wrote.

"Those pregnancy hormones are terrible!" another person wrote. "Kinda funny also. I remember losing my cookies one day because the cat chose to have a nap in another room and not in the room I was in."

Jess seems to be game for it all.

It's worth noting that although Matty said Jess wanted him to record the meltdown, he didn't say anything about posting it to social media, where it's been viewed tens of thousands of times.

In a reply to another comment, Jess seemed to take it all in good humor, writing that "I like to be publicly humiliated by my husband."

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