Woman Sparks Debate After Saying 'Money Does Buy Happiness

Lex Gabrielle
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There is an age-old saying that goes "money can't buy happiness." The saying comes about when people are busy working their tails off for extra cash or trying to bend over backward to buy something that's rather expensive.

The saying is usually given to make someone feel better when they don't have a lot of money, truly. In the end, we're always told to look at the little things in life, rather than the expensive things in life.

When people are struggling and want more, they're always told that they wouldn't necessarily be happier with more.

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The whole ideology is to soothe those who are struggling, making them feel better to know that even if they had all the money in the world, it wouldn't add up to true happiness.

As it turns out, many disagree with that statement.

Recently shared on Twitter, user Lauryn said that now that she has a "comfortable" amount of money, she can say that money does indeed buy happiness. She gave a few examples—saying that society had lied.

The Tweet shared online sparked a few comments from users.

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People online had a few thoughts and opinions about the tweet. People understood where she was coming from in some ways, but also still did believe that money can't buy true happiness.

Some individuals, however, agreed 100 percent.

One woman said that now that they are making a salary that put them into a different tax bracket, they can see that their mental and physical wellness has improved.

One person said they agreed, but not entirely.

One Twitter user said that they "always" believed money could buy happiness but it cannot buy you joy. In her opinion, happiness is temporary but joy is that long-lasting feeling we all long for.

Other people chimed in and agreed with this.

Others agreed that happiness is not a constant emotion, it is something that comes and goes like waves. So, money can buy you temporary happiness, but it cannot keep you happy because you won't always be happy.

Some argued online that if you feel that way, you might have an underlying reason for it.

One person pointed out that if you are someone who feels that money cannot make you happy, you probably grew up with a lot of money and fair access to it, unlike those who grew up poor.

And another pointed out that some of the richest people in the world aren't happy.

If money can buy happiness, how is it possible that so many rich people are unhappy and angry? The Twitter user did agree that, however, if you have enough to "float your boat" it makes life easier.

Many questioned the user on what would happen when the things you THOUGHT might make you happy, stopped making you happy.

Eventually, new things lose their sparkle. One Twitter argued that once the bright lights and sparkles of your current interest fade away, you'll just look for the next thing that can occupy your time.

Another person pointed out that money can't buy happiness, but it can cause great unhappiness.

Without money, you may find yourself in situations that can cause immense unhappiness like being homeless or in poverty which leaves you in situations with scarce food and resources.

Overall, it seems that the views were split.

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While some believe money can buy happiness and get you things that can make you happy, others still stand by that the fact that true happiness can't be bought through material items.