Women Share Things They'll Never Admit To Liking

Lex Gabrielle
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There are many things in life that we do that we just don't want other people to know that we do. We love to go home, relax, unwind, and do a few things that make us happy.

Not everyone needs to know we do them, and instead, we'll go along with the rest of society making fun of them because that's just what us girls do.

Super cringy rom-coms.

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hoshinnnnn shared that the most cringe-worthy rom-coms are actually the ones that make her the happiest. Even though, she does cringe a bit while watching them. Think the most cringe-worthy LifeTime movie—it's sometimes so bad that it's good.

A good meal from your favorite fast food place.

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"Trash food. McDonalds McGriddle slaps… but also makes me feel like pooing my brains out which, ironically, I also like so much but is probably taboo for a woman to admit," shared thefarkanator.

Popping pimples and blackheads.

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FiendishCurry and others agreed that there is a satisfying and releasing feeling when you pop a good pimple or blackhead. Although, it's rather gross and definitely not something we want to share with the world.

Super trashy and sexy romance novels.

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TripleAWingingIt said she loves to read the really cheesy and super trashy romantic novels, but will never admit to anyone that this is the genre that she enjoys reading the most. Don't look at her Kindle!

Looking at other women sexually.

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"Like I am 1000% straight, and would not be turned on in the slightest if another woman tried to touch me nor do I desire to touch her. But God do I love looking at naked women like a pervert. It’s just something about the female body that is mesmerizing," said avibrator.

Loving babies and how adorable they are.

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cleaning-meaning said that they absolutely adore babies. Whenever a baby is around they just want to cuddle it and make it laugh and smile. However, they don't want to be stereotyped as just a woman who breeds.

Being totally submissive in the bedroom.

50 shades of gray

SupremeCourtRealness shared that they are a super boss and a feminist in their everyday life, and a power player at work. But, at home in the bedroom, they are a total submissive partner and they truly enjoy it.

Being super lazy.

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"Doing absolutely nothing and having no obligations/plans for the day. Like I RELISH the days where I can not leave my bed, play sims for 8 hours, and just be a couch potato and be antisocial and not check my phone all day (aside from the occasional tik tok breaks)," said Diligent-Emotion-920.

Barbie Girl by Aqua.


lilacnroses admits that she loves the song Barbie Girl by Aqua. She listens to it on full blast, but only when she is alone because truly people just do not understand that it is such a bop.

Having your SO get a tattoo dedicated to you.

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"The idea of a partner getting a tattoo for me. I know it's never a good idea to tattoo someone's name on you but the idea of someone being that dedicated to me gets me so hot and bothered," said jarnisjaplin.

Taking a really good poop.

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SmoothTobacco said that she enjoys pooping. Like sitting on the toilet and having a really good bowel movement. Not many people would admit to it, but she said it's relaxing and some good alone time.

Wasting food.

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mardybumbum said there are times when she wastes food because she makes it a point to not eat just to finish something, but to eat until she is satisfied. That means sometimes wasting food and not forcing herself to finish.


anime character studying

"Sounds boring yes, but to me I love it. I have to study something every day. I can't get enough of it. From writing, to doing research on random stuff, reading something. I love learning. I take notes and all that. I get excited to do an hour of studying something like a kid getting ready to watch a Disney Channel movie in 2006," said AstronomyLuver.

Getting into your kid's TV shows.

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ashteatime said that sometimes there are times when she watches a TV show with her kids and she gets really invested in the show and even watches it on her own, without her kids.

Super good and well-written fanfiction about characters in TV shows and movies.

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"Fan fiction. I’m addicted and if I find two characters in a show/movie/video game that have the slightest hint of sexual chemistry I’m immediately looking on ao3 for fanfics," said sie_dummkopf.