Heated Debate About Kids At Weddings Ensues Thanks To One Tweet

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A crying child in a button up shirt and bowtie.
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To have a wedding is a joyous experience, a beautiful celebration of love and life. Couples really put their all into making their wedding perfect, a day they will truly never forget.

In order to tailor their wedding to their own tastes, some couples choose to host child-free weddings and ask guests not to bring their kids, a fact that has caused some major debate recently.

Twitter has been alight with debate recently.

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The topic of weddings must have been floating around, as one woman posted her wedding-related hot take and people were immediately up in arms over it, either vehemently agreeing or furiously disagreeing with her.

More specifically, it was about children at weddings.

And even more specifically than that, whether or not it's okay to have a child-free wedding.

The initial tweet can be seen above, made by a woman named Alice, where she believes that "people are perfectly entitled to request no children at their weddings."

A lot of people agreed.

Citing their own family even, many replies were in full support of the original opinion, saying that a couple is totally allowed to have a wedding free from kids if they so choose.

Some people accused Alice of being anti-children in general.

As seen above, others clarified that her stance on this doesn't mean she's against all children, it just means she would want a more mature environment for her wedding. They also reminded parents that their kids aren't entitled to come everywhere.

A few replies reminded others of the chaos children can cause.

And this is just noise, not to mention the actual physical chaos that could come with letting a kid run around a fancy place.

Then, there were the people who disagreed.

Some described the notion as "massively disrespectful", saying that a wedding is just as much about the guests as it is about the couple getting married.

To this, people said that children can ruin the guest experience, namely when they lack self-control as kids often do.

There are risks involved, though.

The childcare point was brought up often, with people asking what a parent should do if they can't find childcare for that evening. There was some back and forth about this, with others arguing that wedding invites should be sent far enough in advance that it shouldn't be a problem.

Others figured that, by this logic, why have a wedding at all?

The resounding opinion among those who were anti-childless-weddings was that if a friend of theirs proposed this, they simply wouldn't go, and might even end the friendship right then and there.

What do you think?

A crying child in a button up shirt and bowtie.
Unsplash | Zachary Kadolph

It's a pretty heated topic, and both sides make fair enough arguments that you could go either way and I'd understand.

As long as everyone is respectful and it ends in a wedding that's fun for all involved, then all is well!

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