The Dumbest Things People Got Hate For

Person holding up yellow sign with an angry face
Unsplash | Andre Hunter

Haters gonna hate. We know this and we say this, but do we really buy into it? After all, we use this as a mantra, a way to ignore the static and just live our best lives. But when a hater does what they do and starts hating on you, it's tough to ignore. It hurts.

In these situations, it's best to remind ourselves that haters...well, haters are gonna hate. It also wouldn't hurt to enjoy the catharsis of a few stories rich in haterade.

Username may be relevant.

Scrabble pieces spelling out 'I am sorry'
Unsplash | Brett Jordan

"I owned up to a mistake I made in a post on Reddit yesterday, I apologised to the only person who bothered to actually explain why half the people commenting were annoyed, and got loads of downvotes and called “pathetic” etc…. From apologising!"


Those people sound kind of spacey.

A solar eclipse
Unsplash | Scott Szarapka

"Got permabanned from r/space for explaining the surprisingly true fact that you can safely view a solar eclipse through a telescope during totality. Everyone including the mods refused to believe that I'd actually done it on an eclipse cruise along with a couple thousand amateur astronomers and the sight is unbelievably amazing. They all called me a liar because their elementary school teachers didn't know either, and they accused me of trying to blind children (why?). Eventually a mod said I might be right but the ban would stand because it would be a dangerous fact that could cause people to look at the sun outside of totality. Sheesh."


Apparently, some people want a bad grade.

"Why are you booing me? I'm right" gif

"I complained to teacher about systematic error in grading test that resulted everyone to have one question wrong. Bully started ruckus about how I got good grade and I'm still whining what a loser I am and people joined him. Sorry for improving everyone's grade."


Those signs aren't a suggestion.

A stop sign
Unsplash | Joshua Hoehne

"I get hate because I come to a complete stop at stop signs. Someone posted themselves in a car complaining about another car running a stop sign, yet themselves didn't stop either. So I called them out, and got so much hate."


People will gatekeep anything.

A toddler's toy
Unsplash | Tomáš Petz

"Recently I've been angrily told by another parent that I have 'no idea what I'm talking about' considering autism spectrum in a child.

My daughter is autistic and I am too.

And yes, I know different people experience different aspects of the spectrum, but when I am being told what I should or should not experience, feel or understand... Oh honey."


When you're right, you're right.

"You are technically correct. The best kind of correct" gif

"For correcting the answers on a bar trivia quiz. Friend who invited me had two friends who were getting all the answers wrong, so I was correcting them and getting them right. I guess that was me coming off as [a jerk]. The questions were about sports, and that was specifically why my friend invited me. I dropped him after that."


Not a bad retort.

"World's best boss" mug
Unsplash | Pablo Varela

"Not me but my dad. So my dad used to have trouble remembering names so he would call people Boss. Some dude went up to him one day and got really mad at this nickname. When my dad asks why the dude no joke says: 'Boss backwards means Sorry Son Of a Bitch' And that is the most pathetic cry for attention I’ve ever heard. This was in a bar to so maybe the dude was drunk but still that was a hilarious story."

Today in 'debates I don't want to get involved in.'

A happy dog with its mouth open
Unsplash | Marliese Streefland

"I made a comment on Reddit saying 'Letting a dog lick your mouth is gross' and people got mad. The most memorable response was 'Your pets must have never really loved you'… Because I don’t let them lick my mouth. I didn’t even think it was that hot of a take, but I guess people take swapping saliva with their pets very seriously."

I'm sorry, who are you?

"Calm down, honey" gif
Giphy | TV Land

"Back during the height of the pandemic, I had my kid on the back of my bike. It was a little on the chilly side so he wanted to wear his mask. Some moron yelled at me that it was child abuse. We were stuck at the lights so he gave me the beans for a red hot minute. Told him I’d consider his parenting advice in the same way I do all the advice I get from crazy people screaming on the street."


What are you, some kind of watermelon expert?

A pile of watermelons
Unsplash | Olga Finn

"I was at a party explaining to some guy who asked how the vodka watermelon thing worked. Mid-way through explaining to him I hear this random girl from across the room say 'you think you're so smart' and was glaring at me. I asked who she was and why we she listening into my conversation from across the room and she just dug in.

I apparently made her feel something that was none of my concern or responsibility and she felt like the whole room needed to be part of her feeling process."


Any publicity is good publicity, I guess.

A movie set
Unsplash | Avel Chuklanov

"Being a working actor. There’s a whole Reddit thread about how ugly and stupid I am in r/commercialsihate…. Making fun of the way I’m dressed (I didn’t get to pick it out, that’s the wardrobe person), my hair (same, hair person), my face (it’s just my face?), and how dumb 'I' am…someone even said I looked like I was having a stroke. I was literally doing my job."


That said, won't you take a bite?

"Nope" gif
Giphy | Schitt's Creek

"I don’t like many sweets, I’m more of a carbs and lasagna person.

Try telling people you don’t like cake when it’s offered. Just try it. It’ll be a 19 minute back and forth where they refuse to believe you, and the 5 variations of 'just take a bite.'

I don’t care if this is your nan's famous recipe or if this is your personal favorite cake. I’m going to hate it."


Don't hate the nerds, hate the game.

Students in a classroom
Unsplash | Taylor Wilcox

"Because I got good grades. No, I wasn’t bragging. I literally just received the paper from our teacher and was looking over which answers I had missed when my 'friends' at the time started huffing and saying 'no need to gloat! / Well, classic [OP] rubbing it in our faces / ugh, you’re so annoying.'"


It just gets worse and worse.

"That's a bummer" gif
Giphy | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

"When I was in second grade I had these awesome, transformable Digimon action figures. 'The boss' in my class wanted to trade them with crappy Dragonball figurines. Of course, I refused, and they hated me until I caved in because I had nobody to play with at school.

To this day, I believe that is the reason I have difficulties making friends and meeting new people."


Quite the hill to die on.

Person holding up yellow sign with an angry face
Unsplash | Andre Hunter

"For being 5’9. Someone at work mentioned me being tall for a woman and I said that 5’9 isn’t super tall and they called me a liar and got pissed at me because obviously I was at least six feet tall because he was 5’11 and I’m taller than him. Buddy, I know how tall I am and it ain’t 6’."


When you know you're the reasonable one.

Skeptical gif
Giphy | One Chicago

"For making hot chocolate. Last year's Christmas some lady was criticizing me for being an adult making hot chocolate saying that's for children. I was having a nice romantic Christmas dinner with my fiancé so I wanted to make a Dutch hot chocolate with a chocolate liqueur whipped topping. I just looked at her like she was crazy."


Wait, don't parents want this?

Stack of multicolored books
Unsplash | Kimberly Farmer

"Reading too much. My mom used to get mad at me, an elementary school kid, for going to the library and getting a big stack of books and reading through them all in a day. And I mean she was PISSED, she'd kick me out to go play and I would just sit outside in the grass for a few hours and wait to go back to reading lol."


A common experience for non-drinkers.

A martini with three olives
Unsplash | Stanislav Ivanitskiy

"I don't drink alcohol, not preachy about it, I just don't like the taste or the effect. You would think I was a mass murderer when declining, politely, a drink. I don't care if everyone else is drinking and think I'm kind of handy as a designated driver."

Did anyone even listen to the reason?

Multicolored balloons
Unsplash | Adi Goldstein

"Not going to a birthday party.

I know this sounds rude of me, and I did feel bad. But, I had my reasons. Back in high school, my friend was having a birthday party. At the time my dad was really ill, he was in the hospital and I wanted to be by his side.

I told her my reason and that I wouldn’t be able to make it, but once my dad was better, I would celebrate with her in a different way. She didn’t like this, and threw a fit about it.

To this day, I still don’t understand why. But, we’re no longer in contact."


How dare they eat their lunch?

People eating at a picnic table
Unsplash | Wasa Crispbread

"For having lunch with my grandma on my lunch break at work. Not joking. I serve a wide area of my state and when I’m in her part of the state, which was historically underserved by the person in my position before I was, I eat lunch with her during my lunch break. The other administrators I work with in parts of the state that I serve are now complaining that the only reason that part of the state is getting more attention (ie. Equal treatment to them rather than being neglected) is because I like to have lunch with my grandmother."