Celebrities Who Are At The Front Of The Body Positive Movement

Jordan Claes
JLo wearing a bikini, kimono, and a pair of large burgundy-lens sunglasses.
instagram | @jlo

Social media is easily one of the most paradoxical inventions of the 21st century. On the one hand, it connects us in a way that previous generations never thought possible. But on the other, it's a breeding ground for insecurity and hateful comments.

In the wake of these troublesome trends, a number of celebrities have begun to speak out against the double standards and impossible beauty expectations set by society and mainstream media. Have a look below and see which celebrities are at the forefront of the body-positive movement.

Jason Momoa

Fans had grown accustomed to seeing Jason with a sculpted chest and a defined six-pack. So when photos began to circulate that contradicted that image — the internet had a field day. Despite this, Jason kept on smiling and said he'd happily show off his "dad bod" to anyone.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff sitting on the arm of a leather chair, wearing a blazer and blue jeans.
instagram | @hilaryduff

"I’m proud of my body. I’m proud that it’s produced three children for me," Duff said in a recent interview with Women's Health. "I’ve gotten to a place of being peaceful with the changes my body has gone through."

Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks dancing, wearing a white dress.

Danielle believes that society has manufactured "invisible bullets" to try and shoot people down and make them feel bad about themselves. She said she had to learn to love herself not only for her own personal well-being but for her children's.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in 'The Batman'.
Giphy | The Batman

It may surprise you to learn that Robert Pattinson, the Batman himself, has struggled with body dysmorphia for the better part of his career. He says he's proud of the fact that he doesn't have a six-pack and that he hates going to the gym.

Serena Williams

Serena Williams with short blond hair, wearing a zebra-print knee-length dress.
instagram | @serenawilliams

"I like who I am, I like how I look, and I love representing the beautiful dark women out there," Serena explained during a 2020 interview with British Vogue. "For me, it's perfect. I wouldn't want it any other way."

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer in 'Parks And Recreation' saying "You look super hot."
Giphy | Parks and Recreation

People quickly forget that Chris Pratt used to be 60 lbs heavier than he is today. Recently, someone had the audacity to say that Chris looked "skeletal." The Jurassic World star responded by saying that just because he happens to be male, doesn't mean those comments don't hurt just the same.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy sitting on the floor, wearing a billowing purple dress and matching round sunglasses.
instagram | @melissamccarthy

Melissa thinks it's ridiculous that society models itself after what .5% of the population actually looks like in real life. Her message to her followers is to love and embrace your body type, whatever it might happen to be.

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani seated at the kitchen table with a large pie and a cake in front of him.
instagram | @kumailn

Kumail is quick to call out the perceived standard of male bodies and body types. He says that far too often, men are taught to be aggressive and competitive rather than thoughtful and empathetic and that the idea that a man can only either be jacked or fat is ludicrous.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato wearing sunglasses and throwing a red Silo cup filled with confetti at the camera.
Giphy | Demi Lovato

"Learning to love my body the way it is challenging but life changing[sic]," Lovato wrote via Instagram. "Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes."

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys kneeling down in a field on a bright sunny day, wearing yellow sunglasses, braided hair, a white halter top, and blue ripped jeans.
instagram | @aliciakeys

Alicia Keys celebrates natural beauty, so much so that the Grammy-winning artist has stopped wearing makeup. She said that it's allowed her to truly get to know herself and helped her to understand that she's perfect just as she is.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway taking a selfie while lying down in bed, wearing red pajamas.
instagram | @annehathaway

In a 2016 Instagram post, Anne talked about how there's no shame in gaining weight, whether it be for pregnancy or other reasons. She explained that over the years, bodies grow and bodies shrink, but the common link has to be self-love.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill saying "Here I am" in 'Superbad'.

Jonah has been the subject of ridicule for the majority of his career, but over the past five years, he's learned to truly love and appreciate himself. Jonah even got a tattoo that reads "Body Love" as a daily reminder.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling posting two side-by-side photos of herself in a bikini.
instagram | @mindykaling

In the summer of 2019, Mindy took to Instagram to post a collage of herself wearing various bikinis. She implored her followers to do the very same and argued how that style of bathing suit isn't just for people who fit into a size 0.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been called a body-positive icon. During her pregnancy, Ashley would post pictures of her ever-changing physique, along with photos that highlighted her stretch marks. Ashley has also fought to normalize breastfeeding in public and has been open and honest about her struggles with post-partum.

Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash taking a selfie in the mirror, wearing a black halter top and jeans.
instagram | @laurenelizabethash

"I wish all of you could see the beauty in yourselves that exists," the Superstore star wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post. "And understand that beauty is in no way determined by your size. Value is not determined by size."

Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin dressed as the Flash, nodding his head to the right and smiling.

Just because Grant plays a superhero on TV doesn't mean that he's impervious to hateful comments. Since he was cast on The Flash, Grant has been inundated with comments talking about how he's too skinny. He's also quick to call out the [expletive] double standard of how it's somehow acceptable to trash a man's body.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson in her dressing room, wearing a black dress with matching boots, black eye shadow, and her reflection is shown in a mirror that's off to the side.
instagram | @kellyclarkson

Kelly doesn't allow herself to become preoccupied with what strangers and the media think of her. She cares solely abouther own happiness and confidence — and stated that since she's started her family, she has no need for outside validation.

Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan says that we live in a time where there has never been a more narrow-minded understanding of what beauty truly is. He says clarity came once he accepted the fact that the system doesn't fit him, and not the other way around.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith posting a topless photo of themself at the beach.
instagram | @samsmith

Sam wrote in an Instagram post that they were taking back their body for themself. That they would no longer live in shame of the shape gifted to them by their mom and dad, and most importantly learn to feel comfortable with the person reflecting back in the mirror.


Lizzo performing on stage.
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Lizzo believes that saying you're body-positive doesn't go far enough. "I think it’s lazy for me to just say I’m body positive at this point,” Lizzo told Vogue. "It’s easy. I would like to be body-normative. I want to normalize my body."

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez hugging herself, wearing a black bikini with a wrap, and large burgundy-lens sunglasses.
instagram | @jlo

With just one bikini photo posted to her Instagram account, JLo inadvertently sparked a body-positive movement across social media. She inspired millions of moms to do the same thing, reclaiming their self-esteem and self-image for all the world to see.