Unspoken Rules That Not Everyone Abides By

Lex Gabrielle
people standing on subway
Unsplash | Hari Menon

In society, there are many rules that people should follow out of common sense and common courtesy—however, they don't.

They are the type of rules that we don't need to have written into "law" or in the Bible in order for people to follow them. And, yet, we have a whole world of individuals who just choose to ignore those "unspoken rules" that we should just be decent humans.

That transportation etiquette.

subway platform
Unsplash | Eddi Aguirre

HealthyInPublic shared that it is common sense to let people get off of the bus before you get onto the bus. Others said the same goes for elevators and trains—quit shoving your way in so people can get off first.

Giving people sidewalk space.

people walking down sidewalk
Unsplash | Arthur Edelmans

togeko_ said it's not so hard to understand that when someone is walking in the opposite direction towards you on the sidewalk, move over to the side and don't take up the entire sidewalk so that they cannot walk.

Don't leave your shopping cart in the middle of the grocery aisle.

grocery store shopping cart
Unsplash | Eduardo Soares

Beefin_vegan shared that far too often they see people leaving their carts in the middle of the aisle so that they can go grab something from a shelf. That means no one else can get their own carts down the aisle at all. It's straight-up annoying.

Don't blast music on public transportation.

Bart from 'The Simpsons' playing music

Sentinowl pointed out that if you are on public transportation, like a train or a bus, or even an airplane, do not just blast music and videos on social media. No one wants to listen to your phone. Get headphones or put it on silent.

Just break your boxes down.

cardboard boxes
Unsplash | Kadarius Seegars

PapiSurane said it's frustrating when people refuse to break down their boxes before putting them into the garbage and dumpster. It's not hard to fold up an Amazon box or two before you shove it into the trash.

Take the hint from the host of the party.

Michael and Erin dancing in the office
Giphy | The Office

"When you see party hosts starting to clean up, hint at being tired etc., don’t continue the drinks/conversations. Quickly get ready to leave and offer to help clean up," shared WrongNeedleworker579.

If you pee on the seat, just clean it up.

toilet seat up
Unsplash | Giorgio Trovato

NoDesigner44 pointed out that it's really not hard to flush a toilet or to wipe down a seat when you use it and notice you have peed on it. One wipe is all it takes. It's literally the least you can do.

Hold the door open for people who are behind you.

gif saying hold the door
Giphy | Denyse®

"Hold the door open for anyone who looks like they could use the help - elderly folks, people with obvious injuries, people with their hands full. Or even hold it open for whoever is behind you," said Iamwinning2022too.

Return things when you are done borrowing them.

returning a gift
Unsplash | Dan Burton

MiaLba pointed out that if someone lets you borrow something of theirs, return it as soon as you are done and also, make sure it's in good condition and clean. Don't make people ask for things back multiple times.

If you are asking someone for advice, prepare to hear anything.

guys talking at a table with each other
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untactfullyhonest said that if someone is asking for advice, you should truly be prepared to hear anything—even hurtful truths—because you asked for the advice. Don't get upset with them when they hit you with the truth.

Don't make people panic for no reason.

Rachel blowing into a paper bag on Friends
Giphy | Friends

"I've come to realize that this is more a my family rule than a universal one, but if you call someone and they don't answer, only call again immediately if it is an emergency. Either they weren't there, couldn't talk, or didn't want to," said Yelloms.

Stop acting like you're the only one at the gym.

gym weights
Unsplash | Danielle Cerullo

0xspaceinvaderx0 shared that it's really not so hard to wipe down equipment at the gym when you are done using it and have sweat all over it. Also, rerack the weights you use when you are finished with them.

Turn your brights off when driving past someone else.

car headlights
Unsplash | Sai Kiran Anagani

"TURN OFF YOUR BRIGHTS WHEN DRIVING PAST SOMEONE AT NIGHT!!! I can't tell you how many times I've been blinded by people using their bright lights. It's so easy to turn them off when driving past someone, and it makes the road safer," said IsaacTower.

Don't crowd the counter at coffee shops.

coffee shop
Unsplash | Nafinia Putra

w11f1ow3r said when you are ordering coffee at coffee shops like Starbucks, don't stand in front of the order counter waiting for your drink. It won't make it come any faster and you're preventing others from getting to grab their own.

Get off of your phone when someone is talking to you.

someone pointing and saying "pay attention."
Giphy | CBBC

"If someone is talking to you (especially when they look at you directly), you shouldn't scroll your phone unless you want to end the conversation/offend them/show that you're not interested and don't care," said TinyNuggins1.