Twitter Is Debating Who The Best Nepotism Baby Is

Taylor Sakellis
American singer Liza Minnelli poses in a white hat and fur.
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There's no denying that if you're a child of a famous person, there are a lot of benefits to that. In fact, there are mostly only benefits to that. Millions of dollars and ample opportunities just handed to me simply because of my last name? Sign me up!

A lot of people forget how many nepotism babies there are out there, and today, we're here to rank them all and judge their success.

Hollywood parents have given us common folk a lot to think about, amirite?

this mom thing is hard
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Not only have they given us reality checks about how painfully normal our lives are, but they've also given their children a lot of careers — regardless of if they deserve it or not.

Now, Twitter is debating on who the best Hollywood nepotism baby is.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of debate. To me, the answer is clear: Liza. Minelli.

Liza is so talented I believe she would have had an insanely successful career without the help of her famous mother, Judy Garland, and father, Vincente Minnelli.

Of course, many people agreed with me.

To be fair, how do you not agree with that take?!

"If cabaret was her only piece of work for her entire career, she would still be #1!" tweeted one fan.

"Sensing from the responses in the film and stage category Liza is #1," echoed a different fan.

Another name that kept popping up with Jamie Lee Curtis.

jamie lee curtis posing
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Despite her mom Janet Leigh being the original scream queen, it's safe to say Jamie Lee got her talents from both her acting parents. Her dad Tony Curtis had a successful career that lasted 6 decades.

Many people believe that "E.T." star Drew Barrymore is the ultimate nepo baby, and honestly, she's among my top pics as well!

She just seems like one of the most genuine and lovable people in Hollywood!

Despite all the entitled Instagram models, it's clear Hollywood does have some talented kids!