15 Important Life Lessons People Learned From Their Mothers

Lex Gabrielle
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Growing up, we may not always want to listen to our moms because it's not the cool thing to do. But, as we get older, we stop and start to see how much knowledge they actually impart to us.

Moms always are out here dishing out the best advice and words of wisdom and, even if it takes us years to realize, they are always right.

Always use the bathroom.

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"When there's an available bathroom use it. This helps so much when traveling, even for day trips. Pee at the coffee shop because there's a bathroom here, don't wait till you have to while we're at the park," shared kcckcc101.

Don't force yourself into making a decision.

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junemoon21 said her mom always told her to wait to make decisions. If you have some time until you have to make it, take all of that time to think it over and weigh your options. Don't rush if you don't have to.

Don't be with someone because you need to.

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One Reddit user shared that the best thing their mom said was to be with someone because you want to, not because you need to. This way, you are not reliant or dependent on someone else.

Learn how to say "f**k it."

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michelenedawn shared her mom would tell her that she has to learn to say "f**k it" and just let things go. If you are working a full week and can't get the house clean, stop and spend time with your kids instead of rushing to clean the entire house.

How to stretch money.

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"How to make a small amount of money stretch far enough to feed a family of 4 healthy and non-repetitive meals for almost 2 weeks. That includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a desert/after school snack," shared teardrop87.

Have compassion.

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BiblioScarlet said that her mom would tell her to be compassionate and understanding because everyone has a lot going on—we never truly know what is happening to them, so we should treat everyone with kindness.

Love is a verb.

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"Love is a verb. It's not 50/50...it's 100/100. On the days your partner isn't at 100, you help fill that in. You're not going to "feel in love" every day of your life. Your actions show love," shared cvette68sr.

Knowledge is power.

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ILoveJPGR said that her mom always told her that her knowledge is her power. Being smart and informed can truly get you to go places you would never see or imagine.

There's always someone who's better than you at something.

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hauteburrrito commented that their mom shared that no matter who someone is, they are always going to know at least one thing better than you. So, you should always be nice to others because you can always learn from them.

Talk to people when you're upset.

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"If you are upset with someone, you should talk to them about it. If you don't tell the other party that something is wrong, then they don't get an opportunity to fix the issue. If you come to someone with a problem and they react poorly, that's when you can get mad," said MisMadius.

Respect and manners.

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chancherize said no matter what, their mom always taught her manners. No matter how bad her day was and how upset she was, she would never take it out on someone else like a cashier or a friend.

Save your money.

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"She's stressed the importance of saving as much as you can every opportunity you can. Yeah sure it'd be nice to drive fancy cars and nice tv's and stuff like that but unless you absolutely need it you shouldn't really care. It's a lot nicer having some money saved in case you're in trouble or you need to spend money on something really important (which for her was our education)," said OZL01.

Always try new things.

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JustOne1909 said that her mom just turned 60 and is still fascinated by trying new things and doing new things. This inspired her to learn the lesson that you should never stop trying to learn and do new things.

Always have good linens.

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"Always keep a good stock of blankets, towels, pillows and sheets to keep your self and overnight visitors comfortable. I could probably have a different person stay with me each night for a week and have enough clean linens to keep everyone comfy and still build a blanket fort for the kids," said Thehairandthespare.

Say no.

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ri-ri said the most important thing her mom ever taught her was that you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do. Say no, stand your ground, and never do things that make you uncomfortable.