We Need To Talk About That Bizarre Dr. Oz Crudités Video

Taylor Sakellis
dr oz grocery shopping
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In case you haven't been on the internet in a few days, you may have missed the single most chaotic video Dr. Oz has ever posted, and that's saying a lot. As you may know, Dr. Oz has been under fire many times in the past few years. In fact, many have dubbed him a snake oil salesman a charlatan, if you will.

Now, the former talk show host has truly outdone himself with his most viral video inside a grocery store complaining about rising food costsa devestating reality affecting millions of people around the entire WORLD.

In case you missed the memo, Mehmet Oz has gone from hosting his own "medical" TV show to running for Senate in Pennsylvania — a state in which he does not live.

dr oz shrugging at the camera
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However, I'm not here to talk about this career shift.

I'm here to talk about that video he made in a grocery store he filmed back in April but has only recently gone viral after his opponent, John Fetterman, retweeted it.

In the video, Dr. Oz explains he's come to "Wegners" (actually named Redner's) grocery store to get things for his wife to make a veggie platter.

"My wife wants some vegetables for crudité," he says in the video, picking up the smallest head of broccoli, a bundle of asparagus, a MASSIVE bag of carrots, as well as premade guacamole and salsa.

"Guys, that’s $20 for crudité, and that doesn’t include the tequila. I mean, that’s outrageous. And we’ve got Joe Biden to thank for this."

dr oz at the grocery store
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1) Tequila for crudité? 2) RAW ASPARAGUS FOR A CRUDITÉ? 3) This is a GLOBAL food inflation issue, there is no one person to blame!

As you can imagine, people cannot stop roasting the former TV host on social media.

"The ridiculous performance artist that is Mehmet Oz pretends he is grocery shopping for his wife. With someone filming," criticized one Twitter user.

"Dr. Oz" seems confused - is he buying stuff for crudité or for a Mexican style happy hour? I've never heard of crudité with raw asparagus (jaw muscle workout?), guacamole, salsa & tequila Then this quack who has made millions complains about $20 for vegetables!" joked another.