Celebs Who Are So Much Richer Than We Realized

Kaley Cuoco with a horse in her face
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Practically every celebrity who hasn't declared bankruptcy is richer than you and me. This makes sense: most of us earn a five-figure salary, while celebs tend to rake in millions every year.

But there's a difference between ho-hum seven-figure-rich and oh-my-goodness-they're-how-rich. Some celebs have squirrelled away quite a bit more money than you might think. If you're already a bit envious, that feeling is only going to grow.


While he may be best known as a musician and occasional actor, Usher is a full-blown mogul in several regards. He's the part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA, as well as one of Spotify's biggest competitors, Tidal. This diverse portfolio gives him a net worth of $180 million.

Sofia Vergara

Largely unknown before her breakout role on Modern Family, Vergara helped the show succeed and was rewarded handsomely for her work, eventually raking in $500,000 per episode. Following a successful run on America's Got Talent, her net worth is currently around $180 million.

Adam Levine

Levine's fully on the gravy train at this point in his career, taking in a substantial $14 million every year for his work as a judge on The Voice. Overall, Levine is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $160 million, with a lot of this coming from the record label he owns.

Vanna White

Long-running game show personalities have a way of racking up the wealth, even if all they do is flip numbers over on a big board. Vanna White, who's done just that for decades, has a net worth north of $85 million for her years in the game show...uh, game.

David Guetta

Guetta has taken advantage of a common tactic for musicians: selling his entire catalog to a music publisher. While this tactic can backfire, it's been all gravy for Guetta. He sold everything to Warner Music for $100 million and is now worth about $150 million.

Rowan Atkinson

Mr. Bean raising his eyebrows
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Most audiences know him simply as the man who played Mr. Bean, but Atkinson has a long and distinguished career on both stage and screen. He's worth an astounding $150 million, which might explain his massive car collection.

Sacha Baron Cohen

The man behind Borat (and Ali G, and Bruno, and too many others to list) is a legit comedic genius. Owing largely to his big screen success of Borat and Bruno, Cohen has somewhere around $160 million in the bank.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J might have made his name in the rap game, but he made his fortune largely thanks to his acting career. While his albums have made him some money, the $350,000 he gets for every episode of NCIS has bolstered his wallet to the tune of $120 million.

Kaley Cuoco

Cuoco's been in plenty of TV shows and a few movies, but she's made way more in her career than most actors. This owes largely to the success of The Big Bang Theory, which made her both famous and rich (to the tune of $1 million per episode and $100 million overall).

Carrot Top

He's just a forgettable standup comedian, star of B-movies and weirdly ripped prop comic from the '90s. How rich can Carrot Top be? Well, thanks to 15-plus years of headlining his own show in Vegas, Carrot Top is worth around $70 million.

Gisele Bündchen

It's really saying something that Gisele Bündchen is worth more money, and is possibly more famous, than her husband Tom Brady — who's literally the best player ever in the most popular league in the world. But thanks to her high-paying modeling gigs, she's closing in on half a billion dollars, with a net worth of $400 million.

Jackie Chan

Even though we don't see him in many movies anymore, Chan is probably China's most iconic movie star. He's made some big investments, including serving as a movie producer and owning a chain of Chinese movie theaters, which helps explain why he's worth $400 million.

Garth Brooks

To you, he might be a doughy country star from the '90s who called himself Chris Gaines for no apparent reason for awhile. But Garth Brooks is a big earner, raking in an eye-watering $90 million per tour. Overall, he's worth around $400 million.

Shania Twain

Another '90s country star who's sneaky rich, Shania Twain is probably more successful than you remember. Her albums have sold close to 100 million copies worldwide, and right now she's worth somewhere in the range of $400 million.

Judge Judy

Judge Judy laughing
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Judge Judy is a syndicated show that's been on the air forever, attracts plenty of viewers, and costs little to produce. It's little wonder that her decades on TV have netted Judge Judy (real name Judith Sheindlin) has a net worth of $440 million.

Adam Sandler

Sandler would probably be worth a few bucks even if his career had stopped in the '90s. But thanks to a sweetheart deal that pays him $20 million a movie, along with a successful film production company, Sandler's fortune sits around $420 million.

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil (McGraw) may have more detractors than supporters at this point, but his syndicated talk show is still a big moneymaker. It brings in $80 million a year for Dr. Phil, and his overall net worth is $460 million.

George Clooney

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Clooney is a high-earning actor, but it's likely his other investments that have pushed him into the pantheon of the ultra-rich. He founded Casamigos tequila and then sold it for nine figures, and today his wealth sits at $500 million.

Simon Cowell

Cowell isn't just a judge on the various talent-oriented shows he appears on. He's also a producer, which entitles him to a share of the various shows' profits. Cowell is just raking it in at this point, and is currently worth $600 million.


We close out our list with Rihanna, who's worth — wait for it — $1.2 billion dollars. While her musical endeavors have made her a few million, it's her investment in Fenty Beauty that's pushed her fortune into the stratosphere.