Newscaster Parents Hilariously Narrate Their Newborn's Routines

Ashley Hunte
Jeanette Reyes holding infant daughter, Bella.
twitter | @Fox5DCJeannette

Ever wonder how your childhood would've unfolded if both of your parents were newscasters? Well, even if you didn't answer yes to that incredibly specific question, you're about to find out.

A newscasting couple and parents to an infant daughter decided to take a hilarious spin on what their mornings are like with a baby in the house.

Jeanette Reyes and Robert Burton are newscasters and parents.

Reyes, anchor for Fox 5 morning news, and Burton, anchor for ABC 7 morning news, welcomed their daughter, Isabella Sofia Burton, at the end of June, 2022.

They decided to narrate a morning in the life of Baby Bella as they would on their respective news shows.

This hilarious episode of BNN (Baby News Network) starts with Reyes approaching her one-month-old daughter, then waking her up in a way you'd expect on a morning news show.

"Good morning, Bella! It's 9:52. Hopefully you slept well."

Jeanette Reyes talking to her infant daughter, Bella.
twitter | @Fox5DCJeanette

"Certainly, no one else did, but we're not going to point any fingers. Let's send it over to Robert Burton for more on your weather," Reyes says, before the camera shifts to Burton.

Burton delivers the daily weather with professional accuracy.

Robert Burton delivering the morning weather.
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After reporting on "temps in the mid-80s, no humidity," Burton asks, "Will we get to enjoy it? Well, if spit-ups, feedings and diaper changes don't get in the way, we just might be able to make it out of here before midnight."

Next comes a breaking news segment.

Bella Burton, the suspect in the "diaper station explosion" incident.
twitter | @Fox5DCJeanette

Reyes reports on an explosion that happened at the diaper station... "Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, and authorities tell us they do have a suspect in custody," she says before the video shows a rather innocent-looking Bella.

"Unfortunately, that suspect is not speaking at the moment, but they have linked her to hundreds of other explosions," she continues.

Reyes looks pretty confused, since Bella is clearly not a "flight risk."
twitter | @Fox5DCJeanette

Burton then asks Reyes "Is she considered a flight risk," to which Reyes replies with slight confusion, "No, look at her."

Then finally, the video cuts to Reyes singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.'

Reyes dictating "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her daughter.
twitter | @Fox5DCJeanette

Or rather, she's dictating the nursery rhyme in her news anchor voice. And honestly? That just makes it a thousand times funnier.

The video then ends with Burton saying, "This is BNN."

The video made a splash on social media.

It was uploaded to TikTok on the 14th of August, and already has over 4.5 million views. Reyes also uploaded it to her Twitter account, where the video has been viewed over 10.7 million times.

They were later interviewed by 'Good Morning America.'

On GMA, the couple shared their thought process behind the latest video, and even discussed the "news anchor" videos they'd made in the past.

Reyes said, "When Bella was born, people were asking, 'Oh my gosh, are you going to do the anchor voice with her?'"

"We kept on putting it off and then a couple of days ago, we were juggling a bunch of things."

"I'm feeding her, he's cleaning -- and we're writing the script as we're doing all of that."

They wrote the script together, and Reyes edited. The rest, as they say, is history.

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