Selma Blair Explains Why She Had 'Stopped Looking In The Mirror'

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Selma Blair in a white blouse leaning casually against an airplane seat.
instagram | @selmablair

Actress Selma Blair, known for roles such as Liz Sherman in Hellboy and Jane in The Sweetest Thing, has been very open and candid about her battle with multiple sclerosis and how it's affected her life.

She spoke about how treatment for the illness had an initial blow on her self-esteem, and how she bounced back from that low point to get where she is today.

Selma Blair has faced some health issues in recent years.

In an interview with InStyle, the Cruel Intentions actress spoke about the way she navigated beauty and self-image while receiving treatment for multiple sclerosis.

She navigated it by avoiding it entirely, it seems.

She reached a point where she wasn't keen on looking at herself.

"After I had treatment, I'd honestly, like, stopped looking in the mirror," she explained. "My hair was short, I was bloated, I had alopecia on my lashes and my face."

It simply became very, very tiring.

"And it was all so much effort — I sometimes don't see well — so I just stopped, and I didn't think I missed it."

However, being able to return to the beauty routines she enjoyed became part of her healing.

She found an accessible makeup brand that suited her needs perfectly.

Guide Beauty makes makeup and brushes with large, easy-to-hold handles, perfect for people who struggle with all sorts of hand-related pain.

When Blair began using their products, she said "it was a real turning point" for her and it felt like "waking up again."

Her journey with MS has been tough, of course, but she's come out stronger for it.

There's a documentary about her diagnosis and treatment titled Introducing Selma Blair that covers much of what she's been through. She's currently in remission, using her platform to raise awareness for MS and continue to be a style icon for people everywhere.

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