Helen Mirren Loves Jason Momoa And Doesn't Care Who Knows It

Taylor Sakellis
helen mirren and jason momoa holding hands
Getty Images | Jeff Kravitz

When it comes to Jason Momoa, it seems no one is above fan girl status, not even Dame Helen Mirren. While there are many reasons to love Ms. Mirren, I think my favorite thing about her is her deep love of Jason Momoa.

Despite having been in the industry for decades and being a happily married woman, it seems not even she can resist the Aquaman's charm.

Fans of this unlikely duo might recall when they first officially met at the 2019 Academy Awards.

helen mirren presenting with jason momoa
Giphy | The Academy Awards

They presented an award together before snapping a few cute pics backstage and judging by her body language, it's safe to say THE Helen Mirren was visibly starstruck.

A few days after the event, the actress revealed she had actually seen Mr. Momoa on a flight years before.

While chatting on The Talk Helen revealed she had snapped a picture of the actor because she thought he was "the most beautiful man" she had ever seen.

"I had secretly sort of done something rather uncool on an airplane," the actress explained at the time.

jason momoa on snl
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

“I didn’t know him at all at that point and he was with his beautiful wife and I was with my husband. But my heart just went, ‘Oh, my God that is just the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.’ I was just sort of floored by it," she recalled.

"So I secretly got out my camera, — this is terrible — and secretly took a photo of him," Ms. Mirren admitted.

Now, years after first meeting Mr. Momoa, Helen still speaks incredibly highly of him.

In a recent interview with ET Canada, the 77-year-old gushed over her crush.

While chatting about her upcoming film "The Duke" Helen couldn't help but talk about her "Fast X" costar.

helen mirren and jason momoa
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"I love Jason and he's become a friend," she smiled. "He is literally the most gorgeous man on the planet, probably."

Is she wrong? Absolutely not!

h/t: ET Canada