'Disgusting' McDonald's Trend Is Here To Ruin Employees' Days

Sarah Kester
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If you thought working at McDonald’s was bad, think again. Things just got worse — and real stinky — thanks to a viral TikTok trend that has pranksters ordering a Filet-O-Fish and then replacing the patty with an actual dead fish. 

The prankster then shows the dead fish to the worker, trying to pass it off as their mistake. Yeah, these workers are going to need a raise

Unfortunately for fast food workers, pranks and fast food restaurants go together like mustard and ketchup. 

mustard bottle
Unsplash | Pedro Durigan

It’s why internet pranksters have basically made it their life’s mission to record videos of their mischief. Like the ice cream cone prank that went viral a few years ago.

Basically, it involves ordering an ice cream cone at some fast food establishment — likely McDonald’s because no one is willing to waste Dairy Queen.

When the worker hands you the cone, you grab it by the ice cream part instead of the cone. 

The worker stands there, confused, as you say thank you and ride off, searching for the nearest napkin. 

Ice cream cone
Unsplash | Clark Douglas

This prank is pretty low on the totem pole of fast food pranks. A real crazy one is the drive-through fainting prank. 

As you can see from the video, this prank really gets the workers’ hearts revving.

You convince them that you’re passed out or dead as your head is pressed against the steering wheel and the car continues to drive away.

The downside to this prank is that it can quickly get out of hand.

Angry Arby's worker

The frightened worker is likely to be in shock themselves from seeing what they assume to be a dead person AND they will probably call an ambulance. 

One of the worst pranks of all, though, is when customers attempt the “fire in the hole” prank.

Woman throwing drink at someone
Giphy | Parks and Recreation

This is pretty much the oldest drive-thru trick in the book. It involves ordering a large drink, paying for it, and then suddenly throwing the drink back at the employee before quickly driving away.

This prank is meaner than anything, as it ruins the worker’s clothing and forces them to clean up someone else’s mess. 

Sad woman sitting down
Unsplash | Omar Ram

This is precisely why we love seeing this prank backfire on people. By this, we mean that the worker is able to foresee what’s coming.

They then throw the drink at the driver and into their car instead. It’s sweet, sweet justice! 

Dead fish in Filet-o-Fish
TikTok | @dylangow05

This next prank is quite literally rotten.

Teenagers in Australia have been filming themselves replacing the patty in a Filet-O-Fish with an actual dead fish.

They then make the McDonald’s worker encounter the smelly mess by trying to pass it off as their mistake. 

Kevin from The Office
Giphy | The Office

When a young man named Dylan filmed himself doing the prank on TikTok, people weren’t exactly laughing. 

The viral clip showed him bringing the dead fish inside the restaurant to a female worker.

Dylan showing the woman the fish
TikTok | @dylangow05

But when he opened up the burger, she immediately knew what he was doing.

"That's funny guys, it didn't come from here,' she says. "It's real funny, not tonight, we're busy."

People in the comments were equally unimpressed.

“Yeh grow up mate that’s not funny,” a man wrote.

Dylan showed no remorse for this, writing, "Mate It’s not our fault they messed up the burger Macca mate think before you speak.”

Dylan clearly needs to keep himself busy. Maybe a job at McDonald's will help?