Bar Dragged Online For Seeking Servers With 'Double D Breasts'

Emily McWilliams
A waitress in an orange shirt holding two flights of beer
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Worldwide, many businesses continue to struggle with staffing shortages following the Covid-19 pandemic. Some of the industries that were hit particularly hard by pandemic lockdowns and restrictions were restaurants and bars. As businesses try to attract staff members to cook food, mix drinks, and wait on tables, some are thinking outside the box with added benefits or higher wages.

However, one bar's attempt at humor in a recent job posting had few people laughing and instead drew harsh criticism online.

A bar in New Zealand has come under fire for a recent job posting spotted in the establishment's window.

A waitress with blonde hair wearing a black shirt.
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The job posting was allegedly created by Stumpers Bar and Cafe in Hokitika, New Zealand. According to the job posting, potential servers must have, "Double D breasts, a great smile, and a good attitude." The posting says men can also apply for the position.

The controversial ad was spotted by Twitter user @kevorkian82 and quickly went viral.

The Twitter user shared a photo of the ad with their followers and the caption, "Anyone want a job in Hokitika?"

The ad was quickly condemned by Twitter.

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Many called out the bar for its inappropriate job posting. One user went as far as to say she would, "...rather gouge my own eyes out with a rusty spoon than work anywhere that has an ad like that."

@kevorkian82 also commented on his photo and shared some insights.

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According to them, a job advert like this "sets the scene" for the company's work culture. Many Twitter users speculated online that workers in this role would be subject to frequent harassment, which is an ongoing issue in the food service industry.

However, some users defended the job posting.

Woman saying, "it's a joke"
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A few people online said the posting was meant to be a joke, but others didn't see it that way.

Once again, @kevorkian82 added their two cents and said the ad was sending the wrong message to children who could see it since it reinforces sexist behavior.

Overall, this bar's job posting didn't get the laughs the owners intended.

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In fact, local politicians also criticized the advert, saying it wasn't reflective of the area's values. The posting might have also broken a human rights act in New Zealand since potential employers can't prefer a specific gender when hiring for a position.

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