Fans Are Furious After Lady Gaga Struck By Item Thrown On Stage

Rae Batchelor
Lady Gaga staring at the camera
instagram | @ladygaga

Lady Gaga fans are angry after the singer was hit by an item thrown on stage during a recent concert.

Concerts can be a fun way to get a little bit closer to your favorite artists, but sometimes people in the audience take it too far. Whether it's trying to get up on the stage yourself or simply tossing items in hopes of reaching your fave's arms, sometimes you can take it too far trying to get a little bit too close. Fans of Lady Gaga are experiencing this after a recent concert performed by the singer.

Lady Gaga is currently on her Chromatica Ball tour.

The tour is currently receiving rave reviews, but after a show this weekend, not all fans are happy — not because of anything Lady Gaga is doing, but because of the way some fans in the crowd are behaving.

A video just went viral of Lady Gaga being hit by an object thrown on the stage.

As Lady Gaga is singing, an object that looks like a stuffed animal of some kind flies at her and bounces off her head. To Gaga's credit, she barely flinches and continues singing.

Fans however were not pleased about this happening, and took to social media to share their frustration.

Fans pointed out that there were open flames on the stage during this song.

"Have y’all not seen the pyrotechnics for the chromatica ball? any gifts you throw are getting torched why do this," one fan pointed out.

"It could have gone so wrong, there was FIRE behind her. An absolute idiot," added another.

Her fans were not pleased.

"I said it before and I’ll say it again. STOP THROWING THINGS WHILE SHE’S PERFORMING. I don’t care if it’s a gift. I don’t care if it’s how you show appreciation in your culture. And the ‘it was an accident’ don’t even add up. If your aim is really that off, don’t throw," one fan tweeted.

What do you think? Is it rude and potentially dangerous to throw something on stage, or are fans overreacting? Let us know in the comments!