Makeup Artist Shares Stunning Transformation Pics Of Brides

Kasia Mikolajczak
woman getting her makeup done
Unsplash | Chalo Garcia

As a bride-to-be, I can tell you right now that I'm thrilled somebody else is doing my hair and makeup. Why? It's because I'm quite hopeless when it comes to that stuff, ha, ha. So I definitely wouldn't dare to try my own hand on this very important day.

When I had my makeup trial, I was blown away at how the talented artist transformed me. And it's the same case with these brides here who look absolutely stunning. Check out these before-and-after looks and tell me what you think.

This Beautiful Transformation

Oh, my goodness. Look at that smiling bride here. I think she definitely has something to be happy about, huh? She went from looking quite plain to a showstopper, no? I think so. Her makeup is flawless. Am I right? Aww, I totally love it.

This Lovely Beauty

Wow! I'm truly impressed with this pretty lady's eyes here. They literally pop, no? I wish I could do a winged eyeliner like this, hee-hee. But truth be told, I suck at it. No kidding, it's so true, lol. However, this makeup artist knows what they're doing. Do you agree with me?

This Gorgeous Wedding Look

Here's the thing, I wish I could pull off red lipstick like this lady. Somehow my lips never look as good as this. I think it's because I have pink undertones, so red lips don't look that great on me. How about you?

This Pretty Face

Okay, I can see this is the same woman, but all I can say is "wow!" Her face is literally glowing. And her eyes are totally transformed. I pretty much love everything about this look. This pretty face will wow everyone.

This Amazing Makeover

bride before and after makeup
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

What can I say? I bet this lady is super happy she went to this makeup artist, huh? No more troubled skin. That's definitely a thing of the past for this blushing bride. She reminds me a little of Flashdance's Jennifer Beal. Do you see the resemblance, too?

This Incredible Look

Holy moly, did this makeup artist bring out the beauty in this lady's gorgeous blue eyes or what? I'm obsessed with how sparkly they look. I hope her fiancé recognizes her, ha, ha. But I mean that in the best possible way.

This Dramatic Change

bride before and after makeup
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

As much as I'm impressed with this lady's makeup transformation, it's the hair that's the ticket. The fact they were able to make her curls look this good is pretty shocking to me. It's quite the difference, eh? I love it.

This Bold Choice

Wow! I love the color of this lady's lips here. It's so gorgeous, no? I think this is the most subtle of the looks I've seen, but it still makes a huge difference. Her skin is absolutely flawless, and her eyes are bigger and brighter.

This Princess Moment

bride before and after makeup and hair
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

I think every lady deserves to look and feel like a princess on her wedding day. After all, most of us have dreamed of this day all our lives, huh? I'm so happy to see this pretty woman get her special moment after this stunning makeup and hair transformation.

This Beautiful Look

Isn't it quite amazing how this lady got transformed here? I'm most impressed with her gorgeous cheekbones. All her facial features look on point here, no? She is going to be one beautiful bride on her wedding day.

This Dreamy Style

This lady was already a pretty canvas, but I love how this makeup artist enhanced her beauty here. Now we can concentrate on her beautiful eyes and see them in their full glory, no? I think she must be quite happy with this look.

This Polished Look

I don't know about you, but this lady's after photo reminds me of Hilary Duff. It must be the hair, ha, ha. But I'm really impressed with how clear her skin looks here. I bet she's thrilled with the way this transformation materialized.

This Amazing Makeover

before and after bridal makeup
instagram | Instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

Oh my goodness, this is some transformation. Am I right? It would be hard for me to believe this was the same person if I didn't see the before and after pictures. This lady looks like a bombshell now, no?

This Lovely Bride

bride before and after makeup
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

Here's a very deserving bride who got a makeup and hair transformation of her life. Aww, I love seeing stuff like that. I bet she's a lot more confident now with this stunning makeup. Let's wish her a beautiful wedding day.

This Absolute Beauty

bride before and after makeup and hair
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

Take a look at this makeup transformation here. I think this artist brought out all the best features on this lady's face. Her eyes, lips, and cheeks look absolutely stunning here. This is one bride that will stop traffic, that's for sure.

This Pretty Look

bride before and after makeup
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

Speaking of bringing out the best in a woman's features, check out this lady here. Doesn't she look stunning or what? I'm really impressed with how beautiful her eye makeup looks. All her features are so pretty and polished now.

This Fairytale Look

bridal makeup before and after
instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

Many ladies want that fairytale look on their wedding day. And I say why not? It's your day, so you deserve to look your best, no? This lady definitely got a dream makeover and looks quite beautiful, no?

This Stunning Makeover

bride before makeup and after
instagram | Instagram | @arber_bytyqi_mua

Wowza! If you told me this was the same person, I probably wouldn't believe you. That's the truth. This woman looks incredibly gorgeous after this makeup and hair transformation. I hope her husband-to-be thinks so, too. Do you love this look?

What do you think of these bridal looks?

woman saying "Flawless!"
Giphy | Lifetime

Even though I prefer more subtle makeup, I still think this artist does a great job. All the ladies he works with end up looking like bombshells, no? And if your wedding day isn't the perfect occasion for that, I don't know what is, ha, ha.

So if this is the look you're after, he's definitely a master. Alongside his team, he makes women feel like princesses on their wedding day, and I don't know about you, but It's lovely to see.