Woody Harrelson Writes Poem For Baby Who Looks Just Like Him

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Woody Harrelson.
twitter | @DanielleKGrier

In what has to be the cutest celebrity interaction of the year, Woody Harrelson noticed a post had gone viral about a baby who strikes an uncanny resemblance to him and did the sweetest possible thing in return.

The baby's mother is over the moon about his response, as are fans, touting this back and forth as the most adorable thing they've seen.

A few days ago, a woman posted a photo of her baby.

Twitter user @DanielleKGrier, or Dani, posted a side-by-side comparison of her baby, Cora, with Woody Harrelson. She captioned the photo, "Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson?"

The post quickly went viral.

Gaining over 500k likes and almost 30k retweets, the internet went bananas for this adorable baby girl who does actually look a bit like Woody Harrelson.

The replies were filled with jokes about the similarities, everyone finding it hilariously cute.

It got so much attention, that the man himself caught wind of it.

He seems to have loved it too, as in response, he wrote a beautiful poem for her on Instagram.

"Ode to Cora-

You're an adorable child

Flattered to be compared

You have a wonderful smile

I just wish I had your hair."

Dani was delighted, as was everyone else!

In a comment to Harrelson, she wrote, "You've made our day [...] can't wait to show her this when she's older, you have another fan for life xxx."

Such a cute, wholesome interaction courtesy of Mr. Harrelson!