According To A Doctor, We Don't Even Shower Properly

Lex Gabrielle
woman taking a shower
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There are a lot of things in life that seem to be second nature to everyone. After we do something for so long every single day, we end up doing them without even thinking about it.

However, there are ways to do things right and ways to do things wrong. Sometimes, we end up doing everyday activities and things completely wrong and we have no idea.

When we shower and clean ourselves, women are always thinking "more" is better.

woman taking a shower
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Women are always buying more products for their overall health and beauty, especially hygiene and cleaning. The beauty industry is always marketing new products to us on a regular basis.

The more we see people buying products, the more we think we need them.

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TikTok and Instagram influencer culture allows us to believe that whenever someone is using a product, we have to go out and buy it too. After all, why wouldn't we want to look as beautiful as someone on social media?

Social media has a crazy way of marketing things.

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Algorithms and "for you" pages always lead us to places where we end up buying things we don't really need—no matter the price—trying to look good and feel good, too. However, some things can be pretty bad for us.

Recently, a doctor on TikTok shared that women are doing things to their bodies that are causing more harm than good.

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When it comes to vaginal health and cleanliness, women are constantly looking for ways to keep things clean and "fresh."

Sometimes, they will buy things specified for female "odor."

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Women will purchase vaginal cleansers and "freshness" products in hopes of fixing any issues down south. However, a doctor opened up about why it's a bad decision to do this.

Dr. Karan Raj opened up on TikTok about the "consumer society" we live in and how it's toxic for women's health.

Doctor on TikTok talking about female health
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The doctor shared that our consumer society will market products, making us think that we need them, when in reality we are just fine without them.

The example he specified was the "feminine washes" that many women buy.

Doctor on TikTok talking about female products
TikTok | TikTok l dr.karanr

Dr. Karan Raj said that society perpetuates this idea that women's bodies are "dirty" and need to be cleaned and sanitized, hence marketing these washes and feminine odor products.

The products, in fact, hurt us rather than help us.

Emily from Emily in Paris saying "Oh, that's not good."

He continued to explain that these types of products upset the chemical balance in the vaginal area and give women a higher chance of contracting yeast infections and other types of problems.

The doctor also called out the double standards of it all.

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He pointed out that it's a bit strange they are always talking about feminine odor but never talking about "scrotal odor" for men and sharing the same issues in the consumer industry for men.

He finished the video by sharing that the vaginal area needs a very specific pH balance.

Using all of these products, such as washes and douches, can disrupt the pH balance of the vaginal area and can truly hurt the bacteria that are so properly dispersed in the area, as well.

As it turns out, these findings are backed by science.

bubble of soap in hand
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After looking into products that are marketed for feminine hygiene, there are many chemicals in them that can be dangerous for anyone to use. Some of the products have in their ingredients carcinogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, and allergens.

In addition, many of them say "for external use only."

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If we stop to read the instructions and labels of these feminine washes, one would see that they constantly read "for external use only." As we wash our vaginal area, it's only normal that these washes will get inside of the vaginal canal, which can be harmful.

Overall, experts say it is unnecessary to use specific feminine wash products.

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Despite the endless amount of products on shelves, using regular body soap or body wash is just fine for vaginal cleanliness when we shower. Using these specific marketed products can just harm us in the long run.

Always check your products before use.

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If you are someone who buys or purchases products for these uses, make sure to read the ingredients and understand what is in them. Also, be careful that they don't go internal, as they are for external use only.

Or, stick to soap!

bars of soap stacked on top of each other
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If you can help it, stick to the soap. Regular soap that we use on our body is good enough to wash our bodies with and is good enough to wash our vaginal area with, too.