Woman Confused By Strange Object Found In Her Home

Lex Gabrielle
homeowner new keys
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When we move into a new home or property, the owners sometimes leave some things behind. There's nothing like getting to have some free things that someone decided to give you.

However, if you are unsure of what things are meant for or used for, there can be a lot of confusion before you figure things out. Fortunately, social media is always here to help.

Social media sites are perfect for asking for advice.

social media
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Places like Reddit and Facebook are the best social media platforms to ask for advice when you are unsure of things. There are millions of people all over the world that can help solve your issues.

Facebook groups are oftentimes catered to needing answers.

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Facebook groups are oftentimes the perfect place to post questions and seek out answers because someone out there has to know what you are going through or looking at. Plus, they are all niche and cater to specific things.

Recently, one woman decided to turn to Facebook for help with some features in her home.

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Facebook user Ruth turned to "Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia" Facebook in order. to get some answers about things that the previous homeowner had left behind.

She said there are tons of little "nooks" in the house for things.

moving into a new home
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"I just moved into a new house. The previous owners were VERY organized (far more so than me!) They had places and systems and nooks for everything. We can't work out what some of the things they installed are for," Ruth shared.

The two items were on the wall next to the kitchen fridge.

Bird house storage in home facebook post
Facebook | Facebook

The two little features, placed on a wall in the kitchen, were confusing to the new homeowner. Sharing on Facebook, many people had a lot of good ideas about what they were to be used for.

One Facebook user, however, cracked the code.

bird house key holder
Facebook | Facebook

A user on Facebook shared that the two little objects were meant to look like bird houses. There are two sections for plastic birds to sit on and then you can attach the keys to the birds.

Some were confused as to why the birds were missing.

confused gif

The entire object really does rely on the birds to work, so many were commenting on the post asking why the homeowners took the birds with them but left the houses behind.

Happy for the help, Ruth asked about another object.

object under kitchen cabinet
Facebook | Facebook

After receiving the first set of answers from the Facebook group, Ruth decided to ask another question. There was an object underneath one of the kitchen cabinets and she was unsure what it was used for.

The object looked a tad strange and curved.

can opener under cabinet
Facebook | Facebook

Upon closer appearance, the object was curved and also had some hollowness to it. Facebook users shared it was actually a can or a jar opener. You just lift the can or the jar up and use the object to open it.

Ruth was grateful for the answers.

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Ruth thanked everyone online who helped her figure things out. She just said now, she has to figure out how to use the can opener and figure out how to use the two little houses without any birds.

Lesson learned: consult social media for help.

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When all else fails, you can always count on one person in the world to know something out there in the world. And, isn't that what social media is for—connecting people when they need it most?