Wild Monkeys Are Attacking People And Stealing Babies In Japan

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Japanese macaque.
Unsplash | Nagara Oyodo

A town in Japan is facing a horrifying natural disaster of sorts as a group of monkeys has invaded and begun attacking people left and right, lurking outside homes and preschools, notably trying to steal babies and young children.

Officials have no idea what's causing the bizarre outbreak in monkey aggression, but are looking to quell the issue before investigating further.

The city of Yamaguchi in Japan is facing a unique, yet scary issue.

A Japanese macaque.
Unsplash | Nagara Oyodo

Bands of wild Japanese macaques have descended upon the town and are terrorizing its residents, targeting children and babies in particular, even hanging around preschools to try and grab them.

These attacks have been going on since July 8.

A Japanese macaque in water.
Unsplash | Steven Diaz

These monkeys have both bitten and clawed at people, attacking adults while reportedly trying to snatch babies. So far, 58 people have been involved in various attacks, some even needing to go to the hospital for treatment.

Officials are trying to get things under control.

A Japanese macaque
Unsplash | Nagara Oyodo

The monkeys don't appear to be interested in food, so traditional traps aren't working. Instead, they've hired a special unit specifically for hunting down the monkeys with tranquilizers.

Frightening videos have even surfaced.

A monkey looking into a home via someone's back door.

They show these monkeys lurking outside Japanese homes, staring in through windows, fixated on the people inside.

No one knows what's causing these sudden attacks. Right now, they're focused on getting the situation under control.

h/t: TMZ