TikToker Goes Viral With Song Blasting Victoria's Secret

Ashley Hunte
Jax and the kid she babysits, in her car.
TikTok | @jaxwritessongs

The media has a pretty bad reputation for giving impressionable youth (especially young women and girls) self-esteem issues, that lead to mental health problems and eating disorders. And social media's 24 hour exposure to unrealistic yet idealized body standards has only made that problem worse.

So when TikToker Jax (@jaxwritessongs) heard that the girl she babysits was bullied over her body, the songwriter had to step in.

Jax is known for writing and performing funny songs on her TikTok account.

A phone displaying the TikTok logo.
Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Her account, which currently has over 10.6 million followers, features a lot of songs she writes for comedic purposes. But when she learned that Chelsea, the kid she babysits, had a negative experience at a Victoria's Secret store, she decided to do something a little different.

Jax decided to write a song about Victoria's Secret.

A group of Victoria's Secret/PINK models wearing pink robes.

The song, titled "Victoria's Secret," is all about how the media and advertising warps the self-perceptions of young girls, making them hate their own bodies. Jax first unveiled the song in a TikTok she filmed with Chelsea.

In the video, she explains Chelsea's story.

Jax and Chelsea sitting in Jax's car.
TikTok | @jaxwritessongs

Chelsea was getting ready for her first boy-girl pool party by going swimsuit shopping at a Victoria's Secret. But another girl said she looked "too fat and too flat" in a bathing suit.

This is what prompted Jax to make her song.

Jax and Chelsea sitting in a car, with Jax showing anger on her face
TikTok | @jaxwritessongs

"When I was your age I had a lot of eating problems and I wish somebody would've said this to me," Jax tells Chelsea before playing the song for the first time.

In the song, Jax talks about how the media made her feel insecure as a young teen.

"Photoshop, itty bitty models on magazine covers told me I was overweight," she says in the song, before revealing Victoria's real "secret."

The secret is that she's actually an "old man who lives in Ohio."

Jax singing her song to Chelsea with the words "I know Victoria's Secret" on the screen
TikTok | @jaxwritessongs

In the video, Jax shows a picture of the man, who is Les Wexner. Les Wexner didn't found Victoria's Secret, but he acquired the business in the '90s, and was CEO when the company began using "angels" to model their products.

Jax's song went completely viral after she posted the TikTok.

A woman saying, "Oh my God! That is so cool!"
Giphy | Disney+

The video was posted early in June, and has since been viewed over 34.9 million times, with 5 million likes and over 74 thousand comments. A lot of people loved the song.

Commenters were hoping "Victoria's Secret" would be made into a real song.

Dwight from the Office saying "Do it! Now!"
Giphy | The Office

"You should make this an actual song because I think this song would help a lot of people," a commenter wrote.

Another commented, "You should actually make that a song of yours."

And she listened!

Jax finished the song and released it on streaming platforms at the end of June. And the internet has been loving it even more.

One commenter said, "This is so catchy, funny and educational at the same time, it is such thrill hearing a song like this." Others shared their own stories, commenting how this song is what everyone needs right now.

As a little bonus, Jax even organized a flash mob outside of a Victoria's Secret store.

The TikTok, which was posted earlier this week, features dances of different shapes and sizes, including a dancer in a wheelchair. It's a true celebration of how different we all truly are.

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