20 Things That Are Defying Time And Still Going Strong

Ashley Hunte
An old water heater made out of cast iron.
reddit | zone1-1

These days, it feels like nothing lasts very long. At least, not compared to a few decades ago, when things were literally built to last.

In fact, a lot of the stuff in this list is from a bygone era. Whether it's old stuff that hasn't faltered, or it's still kicking because someone was too lazy to update it, everything in this list is going strong.

"I got rid of my old couch and 2 DS games fell out. They've probably been in that couch for 10+ years."

Two Nintendo DS cartridges: one for Nintendogs, and one for Spyro.
reddit | saidiecat

The coolest part about this is the fact that those cartridges totally still work. Anyone up for a little retro gaming?

"Bought this "Refill Reuse Recycle" cup from 7-11 in 1991, still gets used daily."

A purple and white mug that reads, "Refill, reuse, recycle."
reddit | Feeling-Blueberry-89

Does anyone else have a mug, or an old shirt, or some other random thing that's super old and irreplaceable, that you use pretty much every day?

"This GameStop in Colorado still has the Halo 3 (2007) window mural up."

A recent photo of a GameStop with a 15-year-old mural on it.
reddit | Chasingtheimprobable

It's kind of cool how this GameStop is a little bit like a time capsule. The video games of 15 years ago sure were something else...

"My girlfriend still has a Garfield cup, which has copious amounts of lead paint and cadmium."

A glass mug with a Garfield drawing printed on it.
reddit | A-Laughing-Hyena

On one hand, this is a super cool collector's item to keep around. On the other hand, I really hope they aren't drinking out of it...

"I found a five leaf clover when I was 7 years old and I still have it today (I’m 36)."

A preserved 5 leaf clover.
reddit | m3taphysics

On its own, that would be really cool. But knowing that it's, like, three decades old makes it so much cooler!

"This Burger King still has the 90’s interior design."

The 90s styled interior of a Burger King.
reddit | Ear***

Look, I get why restaurants updated their interiors. But I also kind of miss when they looked like this. It just makes me think of all the cheap plastic toys that came from kids' meals.

"I got this pumpkin in September of 2020, and it is still sitting on my bedroom shelf."

A pumpkin resting on a bedroom shelf.
reddit | LucianoSpav

At this point, not moving it might be the smarter decision. Because, like, I don't even want to know what would happen if it were moved.

"The dishes my grandparents left me still have the customs declaration from 1969."

Customs declarations for an expensive plate.
reddit | captainrustic

At this point, you kind of have to keep those customs declarations. They're kind of like little pieces of history.

Isn't it so weird how random, everyday stuff eventually becomes a historical artifact?

"Old wood water pipe still in use."

A large water transit pipe, apparently made of wood.
reddit | Isotope_Soap

Well, as long as there isn't any lead in there, it's probably still fine to use. I think. Maybe.

Well, either way, it's still pretty cool. And thank goodness for that banana so we can tell how big it is!

"My Vicks VapoRub expired when Freddie Mercury was still alive. Still works!"

A container of VapoRub from 1991.
reddit | NinjaCatMog

Let's be real here, if there's anything in this world that's going to defy time, space, and all logic, it's got to be VapoRub. That stuff is basically magic.

"My local McDonald’s still has the original 1940 golden arch from when they first opened, 82 years ago."

A McDonald's with a single arch and a vintage mascot.
reddit | bighag

At this point, it can basically never be changed. It's pretty much a historical site now. Like a time machine that can send you back to the '40s.

"My friend who is my neighbor still has Toys "R" Us branded batteries."

A ToysRUs branded battery size D.
reddit | ntk97yt

Man, Toys R Us used to be the place to get anything remotely fun. The company might still exist, but I wonder if they still sell branded batteries with their stuff...

"I still have my receipt for the first iPhone the day it launched."

A receipt for an iPhone from 2007.
reddit | Blackened_007

It's pretty hard to read, but the receipt is dated June 29th, 2007. Fifteen years ago now. And OP still has the receipt from that day. Wowie.

"Went to a local hospital that still have these around."

An area in a building that has payphones.
reddit | HolmaGroin

You know what? Kudos to the payphones that survived the rise of cell and smart technology. You really never know when you might need to make a call at a payphone, even in 2022.

"My Micro Machines bus with the original battery from 1990 still lights up."

A very old toy bus that can light up.
reddit | Buster_Bluth__

I guess if you don't use the battery every single day, it's still going to have a little juice left in it? I have a toy from my childhood that still lights up.

"I daily drive an 86 year old tow truck that still tows."

An incredibly old tow truck in a Canadian Tire parking lot.
reddit | level 2 QuanticChaos1000

That tow truck looks like it could've outlived both World Wars, the dinosaurs, and the big bang, possibly. It's amazing that it still works after all this time!

"I was told I have the oldest water heater they have seen by several plumbers."

An old water heater made out of cast iron.
reddit | zone1-1

Yeah, they really don't make things like they used to. Not just the quality (given the fact that this old thing still works) but the materials, too.

"This single of of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da came into the record store today that has serial N⁰ 000003."

A copy of a Beatles record that's seemingly the third one to be printed.
reddit | thisisbor

Something tells me that this record could go for a lot of money. Like, thousands of dollars worth of money.

Actually, the comment section on the original post agrees with that.

"My Rugrats watch from 2000 is still running on the original battery."

A Rugrats-themed digital watch for kids.
reddit | V_Encarnated

I guess this was one of those novelty toys that kids would wear for a few days and then forget about. And you keep forgetting until you find it 20+ years later, turn it on, and realize it still works.

"My parents' 45 year old microwave still works perfectly."

A microwave from the 70s that's still functional.
reddit | CavGhost

I wish I had a microwave that was older than I am, that still works to this day. It would be wayyy better than having to replace a crappy one every couple of years.