Awkward Questions People Had To Hope Others Wondered About Too

Ashley Hunte
The phrase "What do you mean?" written on concrete.
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Let's face it, we all have questions we're a little too afraid to ask other people. These questions aren't usually bad, just a little awkward and uncomfortable to talk about out loud.

Unless you're part of the Reddit community, "Does anybody else...?" Then you might find yourself among the hundreds of thousands of users who are asking those hard-hitting questions.

"DAE say to themselves, “Wed-nes-day” when you’re writing down Wednesday?" - EddieBrock99

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Other users shared that, while they do this with Wednesday, they do it with a bunch of other words, too. Beautiful, business, together, people, just to name a few.

"DAE restart a good song if they are distracted and not appreciate the song enough?"

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I think it's safe to say that a lot of people do this (present company included). There's, like, something about missing your favorite part in a song that doesn't sit right.

"DAE have in-between clothes? I wake up, put on hang around clothes...but if I have to go out in public I have another level of clothes for that."

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"Then when I come back home I change back to the crappy comfy clothes. Anyone else?"- gbuugx

I would almost say, it's strange to not do this...

"DAE prefer water over any other liquids for drinking?" - mark999999999999

A glass of crystal clear water.
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Reading this is kind of making me thirsty, not gonna lie.

According to the comment section, there's a whole Reddit community full of people who love drinking water. Weird.

"DAE feel pain mentally or like past wounds opening up when listening to specific songs?" - kingusureiya

A person holding a CD that reads, "Sad music for bad days."
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One commenter really put it well: "It brings back memories that doesn't really matter anymore but it hurts because you remember how painful it hurt back then. It's not the memory of what happened but the memory of the pain."

"DAE have a memory but can’t tell if it was a dream or real life?" - AffectionateFox5406

A person flipping through an old photo album.
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What's kind of funny (and a little sad) about this is that many of our memories, if not all, are misremembered in some way or another. Meaning, the past is basically not real. Or something.

"DAE check their pee color and feel proud of themselves when they see that clear hydrated urine?" - mocaro

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I'm sure the water drinkers from that Reddit community would be excited to weigh in on this question. Though, to be honest, they probably aren't alone.

"DAE Just get randomly excited about stuff and suddenly is sad Friends/Family do not match the excitement?" - Yixyxy

A woman jumping for joy in a field of wildflowers.
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There's no better way to kill your hype than to talk to someone who has zero excitement whatsoever.

"DAE get extremely out of breath after getting out of the shower?"

A shower head that's pouring water.
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"I’m a healthy person, pretty much on the smaller side for my age, but I always get so out of breath after getting out of the shower and my heart is racing to the point I have to sit down. Is it just me?" - ShinyPinkStars

I doubt they're alone, but they're also probably showering in super hot water.

"DAE sometimes get halfway through writing a comment or reply, only to say 'eh, screw it.' and just move on?" - b1ackcat

A man texting on a phone.
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I feel like, in most cases, this kind of mentality is probably for the best. Better than writing something you might regret later.

"DAE get weirdly anxious before a planned phone call, video call, or meeting even if it is very casual and even your friend?"

A woman happily talking on the phone.
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Yeah, phone anxiety is pretty real. Imagine not having to rehearse a phone call before you place it? Must be nice.

"DAE feel attractive when they look in the mirror, but feel hideously ugly when they see/take a photo?" -GirlAnon323

A person talking a picture of themselves taking a selfie with a second person.
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I envy the truly photogenic of the world. But in truth, there are a lot of reasons for feeling like this: lens distortion, lighting, angles, the kinds of mirrors you typically use. A photo is pretty different from real life.

"DAE stay up too late despite needing to sleep because you don't want your free time to end?"

An empty bed in a room that's dark save for a single bedside lamp.
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Time flies when you're having fun. Sometimes, you just need those extra hours to get a little more fun in.

"DAE buy things out of impulse for the dopamine hit?" - ClausZaccarooni

A person reading their credit card as they type on a computer.
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It's an unhealthy habit, and a tough one to break, but I think a lot of people do this. There's something really exciting about bringing home a shopping bag, or waiting for a parcel in the mail.

"DAE add or multiply the numbers on license plates?" - novokanye_

A wall filled with various license plates from different states.
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I feel like this is one of those really fun, random little things you might find yourself doing during rush hour or while on a road trip.

"DAE eat their popcorn by grabbing a hand full and then picking up each piece out of their hand with their tongue like a lizard?" - TreehouseInAPinetree

A bowl of popcorn that's spilled over.
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Commenters shared that they did this as kids, and continue to do it as adults. Honestly? Relatable.

"DAE take a look at their pet and be amazed by the fact that a conscious, living animal is in your house?" - Tas_the_Thing

Two happy dogs sitting next to one another.
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It's kind of amazing how these animals wake up every morning and choose to love their people, too.

"DAE want to know who else was invited before responding to an invite?" - playforfun22

An empty card resting on top of an envelope.
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I guess this might be common if there's someone in the extended friend circle you don't like, or if you only like going out when your best friend is going to be there.

"DAE think people should use their middle names more?" - AspiringWriter97

A stack of markers and empty nametags.
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Sure, it's part of your name, but a lot of people don't like using it. Or, maybe they'll use their middle name instead of their first name.

"DAE randomly try to think of words that rhyme?"

Scene from 'The Princess Bride' with Fezzig and Inigo on a ship talking about rhyming
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"Throughout the day or when I’m falling asleep I’ll think of a random word and then try to think of as many words as possible that rhyme with it." - ThoriumMaster

You know what? Rhyming random words is actually kind of fun. I totally see where this person is coming from.

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