Women Shares Brilliant Hack To Cut Energy Costs In Half

Lex Gabrielle
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Owning a home is very expensive. Aside from your mortgage and paying for things like furnishing your home, owning a house means you pay for everything. When you rent, you don't always consider that when you own, you pay for the heat, hot water, and of course your energy bill. Of course, homeowners are always looking for a way to cut down on their bills and how much they spend month-to-month.

During those summer months, your energy bill can run pretty high.

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Keeping your house cool and making sure everyone is comfortable means running the air conditioner very often and also very high to keep your home cool. The more you run it, the higher your energy bill will be.

Many don't consider that the A/C has to work overtime if it's not properly ventilated and cleaned.

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Not a lot of people realize that air conditioners need maintenance and upkeep, they don't just pump out that cool air all summer long, no problems at all.

One TikTok user shared her discovery with viewers online and everyone was mindblown.

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TikTok user Kiley Jean said that becoming a homeowner opened her eyes to a lot of things. One of those things was in order to make your A/C unit work best and keep costs low, you have to clean it often.

She shared that before you clean it, make sure you turn it off.

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She had a breaker that she had to pull to shut it off, but everyone else's may be different. She also shared that her dryer duct is right by the air conditioner, so all that lint blows right onto the A/C unit.

The lint piles up, so it's harder for the A/C to suck in air.

Air conditioner unit with lint build up
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She has to first disassemble the A/C in order to clean it properly and even made sure to purchase a "Fin Tool" which is specific for cleaning out the A/C properly.

She shares you want to make sure you don't bend the ducts.

Fin tool to clean Air conditioner
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Using the fin tool prevents the ducts from bending, which can prohibit proper airflow inside. As she cleans her A/C, one can see how there is not as much blockage and more ability to get air inside.

Don't forget to clean the inside.

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Kiley cleans out all of the leaves and dirt that get stuck on the inside of the A/C, which she shares can prevent the A/C unit from working to the best of its ability.

She also uses foam to clean it out well.

Foam cleaning the air conditioner vents
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She uses a foam cleaner so that she can get on the inside of the A/C unit so that it gets thoroughly clean and that it works to the best of its ability.

She also said that by cleaning her A/C, she cut her bill down by 50%.

Cleaning the air conditioning vents out and cleaning all of the dirt and debris out made the air conditioning unit work much better, which cut her bill down by 50% overall.

People online shared that owning a home can be a lot of stress.

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"I feel like when you buy a house, a realtor should give you booklet on all of the random things you have to clean/maintain and how often to do them," shared one TikTok user.

One person shared a rather smart hack.

panty hose on woman
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"My mom used to put pantyhose on the dryer vent (and change it regularly) because it would blow all in the carport," said one TikTok user, whose mom is a pure genius for that one.