Older Male Celebrities Who Still Got It Going On

Sarah Kester
Pierce Brosnan posing
instagram | Pierce Brosnan

Sure, the young bucks of celebs look good. This includes Jeremy Allen White, Zac Efron, and Jacob Elordi. 

But we can't forget the fine men before them, the handsome figures who shaped Hollywood into what it is today.

It doesn't matter how old these men get or how many storms they weather — they are always looking and aging like a fine glass of wine.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon on a motorcycle
instagram | Jon Bon Jovi

Looking at him, you wouldn't be able to tell that 60! He still has those pretty boy looks that make the world swoon.

His personality is also attractive, as he's one of the most generous celebs around, known for helping the homeless.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman laughing
Giphy | PBS SoCal

Our love for Hugh is huge. He's a triple threat: talented as a singer, dancer, and actor. And he always looks good, whether his hair is long like in X-Men or clean-shaven for some of his more mature roles.

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff with fans
instagram | Jeff Goldbum

It's hard to believe that the Jurassic Park actor became a dad so late in life. I mean, look how good he looks! He's a silver fox if we ever did see one. That voice is something else, too.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington stroking his chin
Giphy | Entertainment Tonight

The Academy Award-winning actor will never not be sexy. He's a Hollywood icon, having starred in countless notable films over the years. And he's still looking fine as ever despite having a beard with lots of salt and pepper hairs.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt removing sunglasses
Giphy |

It doesn't matter if he's 25 or 58, Brad Pitt will always be easy on the eyes. Any sign of wrinkles hasn't taken away his sexy smirk or beautiful blue eyes. It's no wonder, Shiloh, his daughter with Angelina Jolie, is so beautiful.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper at the oscars
Giphy | The Academy Awards

With striking good looks, a charming personality, and gorgeous blue eyes, it's hard to believe that it took the actor so long to break into Hollywood. He was clearly meant to be a leading man. Plus, he took charge of his own health by becoming sober.

Idris Elba

He's the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. A man worth thirsting for, no matter what age or what role he's in. Although it would be nice to see him in the leading role of a major franchise.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson blowing a kiss
Giphy |

The 70-year-old actor is still keeping up. He's still starring in action movies, which includes recent ones Memory and Blacklight, and looks every bit like the leading man. Plus, the Irish accent will forever be like velvet to the ears.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford
Giphy | Team Coco

Age has nothing on the Star Wars actor. At 80, he still has the same air of handsomeness that he had while leading several franchises. It's a gruff handsomeness that makes you want to watch him fix things around your house.

Antonio Banderas

Antonio sitting at table
instagram | Antonio Banderas

Everything about this man is sexy: his hair (including when it was red!), a defined body that's still perfectly chiseled, and that voice that you'd recognize anywhere. It doesn't matter that he's now 61, the Shrek actor will always keep the fans purring.

Robert Downey Jr.

A man in charge is an attractive quality. Robert has this tenfold, having led the Marvel franchise for years as Iron Man. He has a very mature look to him now — dark glasses, colorful suits — that's unique.

Christopher Meloni

It’s so nice to see the actor back on Law & Order: SVU. He’s such an asset! He’s also got quite the, er, asset. He basically broke the internet when a fan captured a picture of his impressive backside while he did some stretches.

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd looking handsome
Giphy | First We Feast: Hot Ones

If funny is an attractive trait for you, then Rudd is your man. It helps that he looks the same as he did in his Clueless days. He's still got those boyish good looks, even now at 53.

Pierce Brosnan

One of the sexiest things about him is the love he has for his wife, Keely. He speaks so kindly of her, especially in defense against the trolls. "I strongly love every curve of her body. She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes."

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves changing from young to older
Giphy | Unreal Engine

He’s proof that nice guys finish first! If anyone deserves that, it's Keanu. The 57-year-old must be protected at all costs, as he's always so generous and humble. He also doesn’t age! Like, at all. Tell us your secrets!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan smiling at laptop
Giphy | ESPN

While some athletes fade away from the spotlight after retiring, Jordan’s star power is still shining. He makes good money doing endorsements and investing his money — most of which he donates to charity. This man is a slam dunk, always.

Shemar Moore

He's been winning us over for decades, beginning as a heartthrob in The Young and the Restless. And yet, the actor just keeps getting hotter. You'd hardly be able to believe that he turned 52 back in April.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere with a rose
Giphy |

It doesn't matter that his usual salt and pepper hair is now entirely white! He still looks just as handsome as he did playing romantic characters in iconic films like Pretty Woman and An Officer and a Gentleman.

George Clooney

George Clooney at award show
Giphy |

The world has been obsessed with the actor since he starred as Dr. Ross on ER. He's matured so much since then, having traded in his bachelor card for married life with two kids! Yep, he's one fine daddy.