Mind Tricks: Thousands Can't Move Their Foot And Hand Together

Lex Gabrielle
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There is something about mind tricks that attract us and make us invested in them. We love things that make us think and also spark our curiosity. People truly enjoy brain games and mind tricks because it forces us to focus on something and many times, we learn something new that we didn't know before, discovering new things all the time.

Canadian Osteopath Brendon Talbot frequently shares things on TikTok about our bodies and mind.

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Brendon shares videos on TikTok videos that help with different things like posture and overall health. Many of his videos give advice on how to help with pain and aches.

In one viral video, Brendon shared a mind trick that many enjoyed.

Doctor filming tiktok video online about mind tricks
TikTok | @btosteopathy

In the video, Brendon shared a mind trick that many users were intrigued and fascinated by. The mind trick had to do with listening and thinking skills at the same time.

4.6 million people tried out the mind trick for themselves.

In the video, Brendon says that the word you read on the screen is the one you hear when the sound reads it out loud. If you read "green needle," that's the sound you hear. If you read "brainstorm," you hear that.

People on TikTok heard both words, some mixing them up.

Tiktok video of mind trick listening and thinking
TikTok | @btosteopathy

Many people in the comments say they heard a variety of things. Some people heard green needle, some brainstorm. And, there were even those who heard a weird combination of the words.

After seeing this video go viral, Brendon shared another mind trick.

tiktok doctor filming mind trick video
TikTok | @btosteopathy

In the second mind trick video, Brendon shares that first, you have to sit down and lift up your right foot off of the ground. Begin rotating it in a clockwise motion.

Then, with your right hand, you have to draw the number 6.

Doctor filming tiktok video about mind tricks
TikTok | @btosteopathy

While still rotating your foot clockwise in the air, lift your right hand and begin to draw the number 6 in the air. Make sure you do both motions at the same time.

Before you know it, your foot changes.

TikTok doctor filming video
TikTok | @btosteopathy

Without even thinking about it, drawing the number 6 with your right-hand causes your foot to stop rotating clockwise and begin to rotate counterclockwise. The moment you realize, you will be shocked.

People online were frustrated but in a good way.

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Many commented saying they couldn't believe that this worked and actually changed the way their foot moved. Some of them were shocked that Brendon was actually right about it, as some believe TikTok mind trick videos are fakes.

Others shared that if you draw the 6 differently, your foot says clockwise.

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Most people begin to air-draw their 6 from the top down, which causes their foot to change directions. But, if you start drawing the 6 from the center and work your way up, your foot actually stays clockwise.

Some wondered what was "wrong" with them if it didn't work.

If you are able to draw the 6 and also keep the clockwise motion of your foot, it's actually a positive thing. "If you can do it, you have good independent body control," said Brendon in the comments.

Overall, everyone said it hurt their brain.

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After realizing that it works, there were so many people who tried to get their foot to stay clockwise and not move when they drew the 6. And, it was much harder than anyone believed it would be.