UPS Driver Passes Out On Someone's Front Porch Due To Heat

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S UPS driver collapsed on the porch of a home in Arizona.
youtube | 12 News

This summer is shaping out to be another extremely hot one, which makes simply being outdoors a lot more dangerous. Having a job where you work outside is oftentimes a lot harder during extreme weather conditions.

A video taken through a Ring doorbell shows just how dangerous the heat can be for people working outdoors, including delivery drivers.

Last week, a homeowner's Ring doorbell camera caught a UPS driver collapse on his front porch.

The back of a UPS truck.
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Brian Enriquez, a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, got a notification from his Ring doorbell. When he viewed the video, he was horrified to see that the deliveryman who'd been dropping off an envelope collapsed, seemingly from the heat.

Enriquez shared the video with local news stations in an effort to warn workers about extreme heat.

UPS delivery driver approaching a door with a package, as viewed through a doorbell cam
youtube | 12 News/Brian Enriquez

In the video, you can see the moment the driver walked up to Enriquez's door unsteadily, and then fall to the ground after dropping an envelope.

He stays down for a few moments before finally getting back up, and ringing the doorbell before leaving.

UPS Driver sitting on porch after collapsing
youtube | 12 News/Brian Enriquez

Enriquez said that he did not see the notification right away, but regrets it because he could've talked to the driver through the doorbell if he had.

Enriquez also stated that he contacted UPS and the police.

Although he could not speak to the worker directly, Enriquez tried to contact UPS. He also contacted local authorities in order for them to do a wellness check on the employee.

UPS released a statement in response to the issue.

A hazy, bright sunset.
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A spokesperson said, "We appreciate the concern for our employee and can report that he is fine. UPS drivers are trained to work outdoors and for the effects of hot weather."

They also clarified that the driver was okay.

A bright sunset falling among hazy clouds.
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The statement continues, "Our employee used his training to be aware of his situation and contact his manager for assistance, who immediately provided assistance. We never want our employees to continue working to the point that they risk their health or work in an unsafe manner."

This incident is just one that shows that UPS drivers work in unsafe conditions.

A thermometer depicting a temperature of over 100 degrees F.
Unsplash | Jarosław Kwoczała

This June, a UPS driver passed away after falling unconscious in his truck. His family suspects it was due to the high temperatures inside the truck.

The trucks do not have air conditioning, which is a concern for employees and their families.

An older fan on a table.
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Unfortunately, heat-related illness reports among UPS drivers are nothing new. And yet, the company has no plans to install air conditioning in their trucks, despite growing complaints.

On a hot day, a UPS truck can easily be 10 or more degrees hotter than the outside temperature.

A fan along a wire fence outdoors.
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Even with water, this kind of heat can cause dehydration and heatstroke, which can be fatal if not treated properly.

And these days, summers are getting much hotter.

Three mercury thermometers.
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The summer of 2021 is the hottest on record for the United States, and rising temperatures are showing no signs of slowing down. Companies should be doing more to make sure that stories like these don't keep happening.

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