Babysitters Share The Times Kids Made Them Crack Up

Ashley Hunte
A child holding crayons of different colours.
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For a lot of teens, babysitting is a pretty easy gig that can earn them a bit of pocket money. Others have that job as a profession, becoming nannies or au pairs (who do a lot more than just babysitting).

But no matter how you slice it, you're still dealing with someone's kids. And since kids are so naturally funny, some people have some hilarious experiences with them. Like the ones in this list, of course.

Everyone's a critic.

To be fair, Elmo seems like a pretty difficult character to impersonate. But I feel like most kids would buy it pretty easily, even if your impersonation wasn't that good. I guess this kid is just cut from a different cloth.

Good thing the teen thought to double check.

I feel like the first thing you should teach a kid who's about to babysit an even smaller kid is that, no, they can't stay home alone when they're asleep. That's kind of the whole point of a babysitter.

Some people didn't get the memo, apparently.

I bet the poor kid had a similar experience with a different babysitter. Or maybe he just didn't get how babysitting worked. At least there was somebody there for him until his parents came home.

It's like meeting a celebrity, except nothing like that.

I guess no harm, no foul, here. The kid was probably totally unfazed. Or maybe he went on to realize that the random woman in his house with the babysitter was, in fact, his principal.

I guess the conversation got too stale.

You can't even blame the babysitter here. She literally just went to the bathroom for a few minutes, and the kid up and left. At least she didn't go too far!

"My cousin babysits a child who is not very fond of her. She found this letter in his room, he left it on his desk. (Her name is Valerie)."

A stick drawing of a person with her head chopped off. Text reads, "Dear Valerie Get out of my life."
reddit | cdogfly

I feel kind of bad for laughing. At least the kid spelled her name right?

At least they let you come back?

I feel like, after that all went down, this babysitter ended up being known to the family as "tzatziki girl" for a little while. I'm sure they weren't too mad about the missing tzatziki, though.

Consent is pretty important.

I mean, at least the kid understood the concept of consent and not wanting to do something. Too bad it was something as fun and relaxing as reading. But I guess to each their own and all that.

Kids can be straight up savage.

This kid is channeling her inner Regina George (and probably doesn't even know who that is). Here's hoping she'll get nicer when she gets older (or at least a little more passive aggressive or something).

Treasure this kid forever.

I don't know how to describe why this is so funny. It just is. This kid is an artist, a good friend, and above all else, an excellent Valentine. You kind of have to keep a Valentine like that forever.

That's why you don't give kids caffeine.

A kid standing on their head, with a caption that reads, "So I'm babysitting for my parent's friend and I accidentally gave the kid cold brew coffee instead of chocolate milk."
reddit | holdpriority

There's a pretty good chance that this story isn't real (which is probably for the best). And to be honest, that just makes this so much funnier because, like, could you even imagine?

Best friend status IS pretty important.

Hey, that's why you're the aunt (or uncle, or grandparent for that matter) and not the parent. It's literally your job to spoil your niece/nephew/grandchild. And then send them back to the parents, all hyper on a sugar high.

Babies? In this house? No thanks.

It's so funny how some little kids absolutely love babies, while others want nothing to do with them.

And then there are the kids who are actually disgusted with the idea of being around a baby.

"Meat yogurt" is one phrase I never thought I'd hear...

But hey, that's a pretty good way to get a kid to eat something they might not want. Just disguise it in the thing they only want to eat at the time. Clever.

And it looks great too!

I have to give the kid credit where credit is due. The face looks like a face. Plus, it fits in the woman's head. So all in all, a pretty good job. An improvement, even.

Better than having to explain what a stork is.

Yeah, that's definitely not the conversation you want to have with a kid that isn't yours. I'm sure he'll figure it out someday, but for now, all you can do is look at the trees.

"I didn't realize what my sister meant when she warned me that my niece is a 'climber.' After babysitting her and turning my back for a few minutes, now I know."

A toddler sitting on a stool that's on top of a dining table.
reddit | ronsf***ingwanson

Yup, some kids really love getting themselves into trouble. The worst part about babysitting is that there isn't a lot you can do about that kind of stuff.

The tea party is ruined!

I guess grab a book, or your phone, and just wait for the kid to wake up? Last thing you want to do is leave the table, have the kid wake up and think you bailed on the tea party.

No babies were harmed in the making of this story.

I actually feel so bad for laughing at this, but it's literally so funny. I mean, it probably wasn't so funny for the parents in the moment, but I'm sure they can laugh about it now.

Shout out to the wastes of time in the world.

This feels like the most classic kid response to grownup relationships. I'd say I feel bad for the brother, but I'm pretty confident that he doesn't care in the slightest.