20 People Who Got Themselves Into Some Pretty Interesting Jams

Interior shot of a plane cabin with lots of fog
reddit | ShaveTheWhales

When you wind up in a bad situation that you can't seem to find your way out of, you're not generally too concerned with what got you into that position. The important thing is finding your way out.

Fortunately, we're mere observers to all of the chaos. We don't have to MacGyver our way out of these situations. We can sit back, bust out the popcorn, and simply learn from others' mistakes.

"McOSHA approved."

Man standing on top of precarious ladder to fix McDonald's drive-thru sign
reddit | earth_syndrome

This could very well work out just fine for this handyman. It could also end with him in traction. It could truly go either way. I'm pulling for him, but he really should try to be a little more safe.

"Can’t email my township unless you can see color, which I can’t."

Web form requires viewer to see color
reddit | Drajl19

There are plenty of ways to display color that don't mess with those who have the most common forms of colorblindness — one of which is red-green colorblindness. So many ways to make things accessible and they simply chose not to.

"My uncle put out his cigarette out on my hotdog i left unattended for 2 minutes. He thought i was done. That was the last hotdog too..."

Hot dog that someone has butted a cigarette onto
reddit | AstoundingGrape

I totally get that smokers have to put out their cigarette somewhere. But a hot dog? Couldn't he have just used, like, a plate?

"I put a hole in the wall because I passed out while blowing my nose."

Large hole in drywall after someone passed out and fell into it
reddit | youworry

Some people put holes in walls because they're feeling angry and can't control their rage. Other people put holes in walls because they're feeling faint and can't control the blood rush to their head.

"Someone broke into and now is living in my grandfather's old storefront and turned it into a drug den."

Old storefront after it was broken into and used as a drug den
reddit | carlpoppa6188II

I suppose if you're the kind of person who needs a free drug lair, this abandoned storefront would be a decent place.

"I‘m in suite 86…"

Hotel wayfinding sign doesn't show a location for suite 86
reddit | TheKingofTerror

These wayfinding signs are designed to make things easier to navigate, and usually they do. All this sign needs to do is tell us where suites 47 through 86 are and we'll be good to go.

"Maple syrup spilling in my fridge."

Bottle of maple syrup spilled in the fridge
reddit | cullamix

If I had to name the condiment or sauce that's most delicious but also the biggest nightmare to spill, maple syrup would probably be at the top of the list. Oh well, guess it's time for this person to buy a new fridge.

"Stray bullet hit the hood of my car on the 4th."

Hole from a stray bullet on the hood of a car
reddit | letzg00akland

We've heard it before, and we'll hear it again: firing your gun into the air is a bad idea. Sure, you're not aiming at people, but that bullet is going to come back down eventually.

"Went camping with the buddies last weekend and found this surprise in my tire."

Text message exchange explaining that a tent peg got wedged in a car tire
reddit | is-that-allowed

I like the fact that this image is presented in the context of a text exchange. I'm pretty sure this friend is passive-aggressively telling OP it's time to pay up.

"I tried parasailing for the first time and my harness failed."

Three parasailers, one holding one desperately after harness failure
reddit | roosking

YouTube is chock full of videos of people who are forced to hang on for dear life after their harness fails. This is why I'm never going to go parasailing.

"Oh, that’s where my prescription sunglasses went…"

Pair of glasses destroyed by a lawnmower
reddit | NortheastPassageProd

Cutting the grass can be relaxing, but it's also low-key chaotic. You're doing something that could cut off a foot or worse, all while conditions are too loud to hear yourself think. Sometimes, you're going to run something over.

"Came home after a 12+ hour day of work to find this."

A pine tree fallen on a house
reddit | Daschnozz

If we're in the genre of trees falling on houses, this one probably could have been worse. That said, it's still a lousy thing to come home to after a long day.

"Left on my sister’s windshield… who is from Asheville, but has South Carolina plates… Stay classy Asheville."

Sign left on windshield: "Tourists are ruining Asheville! You are not welcome here! Go home!"
reddit | Cylant

I'm sure the local NIMBYs don't like the fact that Asheville has so many tourists, but the local business owners probably love it. Also worth noting: Asheville has had a baseball team called the Asheville Tourists that dates back to 1915.

"Finally decided to use my BBQ, only to find out it's home to a squirrel now."

A squirrel nest inside a barbecue
reddit | odub6

You're always going to find a few spiders and bugs inside your barbecue if you've left it out over the winter, but a squirrel nest? That's a new one.

"It took me 15 minutes to finally get the key out of the ignition."

Car key completely detached from rest of fob remote
reddit | NotReallyCoyote

On one hand, things broke in a way that still maintains the functionality of both the key and the remote fob. On the other hand, that wouldn't make me feel much better if it happened to me.

"Someone’s shoveling bugs tomorrow."

A gas station absolutely covered with bugs
reddit | RK_mining

I'm guessing this is the aftermath of one of those things you see on Planet Earth where a billion bugs congregate in one place to mate and then immediately die. The clean-up job is going to be incredibly gross.

"Our cats opened the bathroom cabinet drawer, thereby blocking the bathroom door from opening. I took this picture by sticking my phone under the door. Trying with a hanger to close the drawer so I can open the door. A dog would never do this."

Pic taken under a bathroom door of cats who have locked the door from the inside
twitter | @misplacedcomma2

Cats are monstrous little goblins who are all out to destroy us, and I say that as an avowed cat person.

"When you buy your cigars on Wish."

Cigar with a screw in it
reddit | domiinikk4

We should all know by now that Wish purchases are a gamble, but this one still stands out. You'd think they could stuff the cigar with any random material that would burn, but no, they went with a screw instead.

"I live in Alaska and they said these were ok…winter will be here in no time."

A completely bald tire
reddit | Suppertime420

Unless these tires are on a high-performance F1 racing car, they appear far too bald to be practical. Imagine using these as winter tires.

"The plane I’m in is super foggy for some reason."

Interior shot of a plane cabin with lots of fog
reddit | ShaveTheWhales

The combination of the smoky atmosphere and the passenger on the left watching the fireplace channel for some reason would be enough to convince me that this plane is on fire. I'd need a good explanation to change my mind of that, too.

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