Meme showing tickets that say "Stay home and do nothing"
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Introvert Memes That Say Everything We'd Rather Not

Are you an introverted kind of person? Better question: when you socialize with people, do you leave the experience feeling energized or exhausted? If you feel tired out by simply conversing with people and just want to get back home so you can be by yourself, you just might be an introvert.

Because the main way of dealing with anxiety in the 2020s is through jokes and memes, let's apply that here. The Facebook group 'Introvert memes' is a fantastic source of all things introverted. You might laugh, you might cry, but you'll definitely feel seen.

This hits the nail on the head.

Tweet saying that socializing is instinctive for extroverts, and learned for introverts
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Social learning is a thing. Basically, it states that certain social interactions are learned for some people. They might not come naturally, but they can be emulated. Well, that's what introverts do, essentially: they emulate the behavior of extroverts when needed.

More like 2-3 business days.

Meme: "sorry i ignored you for 3 weeks i was isolating myself..."
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I just had a busy weekend consisting of...hanging out with family for a couple of hours, and the next day hanging out with friends for a couple of hours. It might not sound like much, but I'll need about two weeks to recover.

This is like every time I talk to a server.

Meme about awkwardness
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Have you ever received your meal in a restaurant, had a member of the waitstaff tell you to "enjoy your meal," and replied, "you too"? I have, and I think about it about five times a day.

Middle school memories unlocked.

Meme about awkwardness for introverts of breaking into groups
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I hadn't really thought of this kind of anxiety in a long time, but it's things like this that can identify an introvert at a young age. Even for kids who have friends, the prospect of opening up the classroom for this kind of socializing can be terrifying.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Meme about awkwardness of remembering cringey things
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I genuinely don't really care what people think of my job or how much I make. On the flip side, I care very deeply about people judging me for doing or saying awkward things.

Your muscles might get swole, but your awkwardness remains whole.

Meme: "the moment u realize there are some things the gym can't fix"
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Committing to a gym regimen is a great way not just to stay fit, but also to change up your life. Spoiler alert: unfortunately, it isn't going to turn an introvert into an extrovert. Sorry.

Goblin mode activated.

Meme about lofty childhood expectations versus reality of adulthood
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Fortunately this one doesn't hit home for me, as I moved out at a young age (so introverted I couldn't even socialize with my parents, don'tcha know). Still, for a certain subset of introverts, I'd imagine this one hits pretty close to home.

Sometimes introversion is for the best.

Meme about staying home while others party
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There are times when being an introvert can lead to a fear of missing out. There are other times, though, when being an introvert just feels like the best option. I mean, a night in on the couch sounds infinitely more appealing than crowding into a bar.

Sometimes your friends don't give you the choice.

Meme about friends 'saving' an introvert by taking them out for the night
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This applies to not just the times when your friends literally drag you out of your introvert cave, but also those times where you've committed to something with no intention of going, but wind up feeling compelled to go anyway.

Let's hear it for the extroverts.

Meme about burden of carrying a conversation falling mostly on extroverts
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I know, I know: extroverts are the natural enemy of the introvert. But if it wasn't for extroverts, we'd probably live in a world devoid of human interaction, so we should probably acknowledge that they fill an important role in society.

"Thanks, but I have do."

Meme: "introvert starter pack"
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You're not a true introvert unless you have a ready-to-go list of excuses you can come up with if anyone asks you to leave the house. If they persist, just make up an embarrassing medical problem and they'll leave you alone.

Anything's better than a conversation with them.

Meme about hiding inside until neighbors go inside
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It doesn't matter if you like your neighbors or not. The point is that you need to leave the house and don't want to be trapped in a conversation with them. It's really nothing personal.

When you wish you could sink into a hole.

Meme about awkwardness of introductions
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Yeah, it's never good when someone asks the group to introduce themselves. But it could be worse. They could be asking the group to introduce themselves and ask that everyone share one fun fact about themselves.

Does this happen?

Meme about introverts acting like extroverts
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I mean, when I meet another introvert, I mostly feel relief that neither one of us will be trying too hard to carry the conversation, and comfort in the fact that we can just exist in silence. I guess some introverts have the energy to act like extroverts, but not me.

When you know you're great company...for yourself.

Meme about simplicity of being alone
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Do we really need other people in order to feel happy? Maybe, maybe not. It's hard to deny that it can feel pretty darn good sometimes to just leave the drama outside and vibe with your own company for awhile.

Home is where the heart and everything else is.

Meme about 'home' being introverts' favorite place to go
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The wider world can feel unpredictable, busy and confusing. But home? Home is where your stuff is, where your bed is, and most importantly, the place where you can lock the front door and shut the rest of the world out.

Hey, it's me!

Meme about remembering embarrassing random moments
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Does my high school crush still think about the cringey gesture I made back when we were 15? I'm guessing she probably doesn't. Do I still think about said cringey gesture? Well, only about once or twice a day, so I'm making good progress.

My precious.

Meme showing introverts as Gollum
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Same-day delivery, meal kits and meal delivery ensure that none of us really have to go out ever again. Does it drain the color from our skin and make us look like antisocial goblins? Well, maybe a little bit.

Sounds like a great show.

Meme showing tickets that say "Stay home and do nothing"
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These are obviously fake tickets, but if you're a true introvert, you have tickets you bought for events you never wound up going to because of, well, introvert things. Sometimes you're just not feeling it.

When all that's left is memes.

Meme about relating only to memes, not conversations
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Memes can succinctly show us truths in an entertaining way, but it's also all too easy to fall deep into the meme rabbit hole. So enjoy these memes, but use them responsibly. You still want to be able to communicate like a functional human at the next social event you'll be dragged to.