Fans Are Conflicted Over Ray J's Tattoo Of His Sister's Face

Rae Batchelor
Ray J and his sister Brandy.
instagram | @brandy

Musician Ray J has gotten a new tattoo of his sister's face, but some fans are not impressed.

The love that two siblings can have for each other can be really beautiful, and sometimes you want to pay tribute to that love with a tattoo. Ray J, best known for his relationship with Kim Kardashian and songs like "One Wish" or "Sexy Can I", decided to do just that to pay tribute to his sister, fellow singer Brandy.

Ray J and Brandy's relationship has always been hashtag sibling goals.

Ray J and his sister Brandy.
instagram | @brandy

For Ray J's birthday this year, Brandy shared a heartfelt appreciation post, writing, "Happy Birthday to a genius that can do it all. I love you so much and I am so proud to be your sister. You are growing, healing, and focusing everyday on making a safe space for all of us. May your day be filled with so much joy, laughter and love ♥️ I love you."

Ray J recently returned that sentiment by getting a tattoo of Brandy's face on his leg.

"FULL LEG TATT — I had to start with my best friend!!" he shared alongside a video of the process of the tattoo getting done.

Brandy shared her appreciation in the comments, writing, "Broooooo," with some heart emoijs, but other fans were not as into the gesture.

Fans took to social media to share their opinions.

"The sentiment is nice but that tattoo looks demonic," one fan tweeted.

"There's just no way this is seen as a beautiful gesture to either of them," another added.

"Everyday God gives me another reason to be grateful that I don’t have siblings," another fan joked.

What do you think?

Would you be honored if your sibling got this tattoo for you, or do you think you'd have an issue with the art style? Or is getting a tattoo of your sibling's face maybe a step too far for you all on its own? Let us know what you think in the comments!