Fans Suspect Johnny Depp's New Song References Amber Heard

Jordan Claes
Johnny Depp playing his guitar
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Johnny Depp is known all over the world for being one of the biggest and most popular movie stars alive today. But on top of his acting prowess, Johnny is also a formidable musician.

On July 15th, 2022, Johnny is set to release his most recent studio album, alongside legendary British guitarist, Jeff Beck. After what fans have heard so far, many suspect that his new songs contain hidden references to his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp is a true Renaissance man.

Johnny Depp holding a blade up to the sky in 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street'.
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For the last 35-plus years, Johnny Depp has solidified himself as one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, having appeared in some of his generation's most iconic and revered films. Movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Chocolat, and Finding Neverland.

On top of being an Oscar-nominated film star, Johnny is also a talented painter.

Over the years, Johnny has developed a reputation for his fondness for elephants. During an appearance on The Ellen Show in 2017, he gifted the daytime host/comedian one of his original works.

Surprising as it may sound, Johnny's first true love is neither art nor film — it's music.

Johnny Depp and the rest of Hollywood Vampires posing for a photo.
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Johnny has been playing in the supergroup Hollywood Vampires, opposite Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, since 2015. He's also performed alongside ZZ Top, Oasis, and Keith Richards.

This July, Johnny is set to release his latest work titled "18" — a collaboration album with British guitarist, Jeff Beck.

Jeck Beck and Johnny Depp's "18" album cover.
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Five of the album's thirteen songs are already available to stream on Spotify. From what fans have heard so far, it seems that Johnny is taking a not-so-veiled shot at his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

The lyrics for "This Is A Song For Miss Hedy Lamarr," seem to be particularly damning.

A thief is a thief…I don’t believe in humans anymore,” Depp laments over a chorus of violins and the slow strum of a wailing guitar.

On the soon-to-be-released track "Sad [expletive]’ Parade", Depp makes yet another poignant potshot.

Johnny Depp playing the guitar at his home studio.
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"You’re sitting there like a dog with a seven-year itch. If I had a dime, it wouldn’t reach your hand," the actor turned singer croons retrospectively.

These lyrics, as well as several others, all appear to be referencing Johnny's recent defamation trial.

Johnny and Amber's highly-publicized legal battle took place over the course of six weeks, during which Johnny sued Amber for a damning op-ed she authored via the Washington Post.

In the end, Johnny was awarded $10 million in compensatory damages, and $5 million in punitive damages (later capped to $350,000).

Johnny Depp singing in 'Cry Baby'.
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"To all of my most treasured, loyal and unwavering supporters. We’ve been everywhere together, we have seen everything together," Johnny wrote via Instagram.

"We have walked the same road together. We did the right thing together, all because you cared. And now, we will all move forward together."

Johnny Depp smoking on a boat.
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Iconic guitarist Jeff Beck also appears to be looking toward the future and is eagerly anticipating the album's forthcoming release.

"When Johnny and I started playing together, it really ignited our youthful spirit and creativity," Beck wrote in a joint statement.

"We would joke about how we felt 18 again, so that just became the album title too," he explained.

Johnny and Jeff's album is set to debut on July 15th, across all streaming platforms.

Following the release, a 180-gram vinyl pressing of the album will hit stores on September 30th. You can pre-save the album to Spotify, here.