Two images of a woman, on edited and one not.
reddit | nutella435

Sometimes I think about how social media has kind of ruined us, because it lets us post highly edited photos of ourselves that look nothing like how we look in real life. And no one is the wiser.

Unless you happen to be like these people, who've done a pretty bad job of editing their pics. Do people really believe they're real?

"Not the wide elbows."

A woman in a bikini; one of her elbows is abnormally wide.
reddit | mintjuulpodd

It's always easy to tell when someone's edited their waist to look smaller, and it somehow always involves a wide elbow. If only we weren't so obsessed with having the smallest possible waists (even if they defy logic).

"Why when you’re already attractive?"

Two images of a woman; one where she looks normal, and one edited to make her look younger.
reddit | Alex_Boutique

I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's nothing wrong with aging! I hate that we live in a society where women feel the need to make themselves look younger at any cost.

"No way he's actually getting away with this."

A man's face and neck, which are clearly edited and don't look real.
reddit | ricekrispiies

There's no way you can post this kind of stuff and think people are going to believe you really look like that. No one looks like a drawing in real life. Trust me.

"Because who needs organs."

A woman on a ski-doo with a pig. Her waist is unnaturally small.
reddit | aurae_tv

Okay, so, we're supposed to believe that she has a waist that's smaller than her thigh, and yet she still has the balance and strength to hold a baby pig? Yeah, not in a million years.

"What do you notice first?"

A heavily edited picture of a woman with uncanny eyes.
reddit | moonercycle

I'm sure people edit pictures this way because it's supposed to look cute, but does anyone actually think it's cute? Because if I'm being completely honest, I'm kind of creeped out. The hand is especially uncanny.

"Remember folks, subtle editing is worse than those alien like creatures because at least they can be spotted out really easily."

A mirror selfie showing a woman flexing. Her bicep and waist have been edited, as evident by the warped lines in the tile behind her.
reddit | babayum6969

If you look closely enough at her bicep, you can see warping in the tiles in the background. I never understood the point of editing yourself to look stronger.

"Instagram vs reality."

Four pictures of the same woman; two showing her looking normal, and two heavily edited.
reddit | moodysunz

It's like two completely different people. Even if you didn't know how she actually looked, you could tell that those bottom two picks are edited. No one has drawn on doll eyes or Bratz lips, after all.

"How would she even get in those jeans?"

Two images of a woman with an impossible waist to hips ratio.
reddit | Odradekflusen

Short answer: you don't. Slightly longer answer: you can if you've edited the picture and don't actually look like that. Which is absolutely what's happening here. If you think this is an attainable body type, I have bad news for you.

"Found on Instagram."

A woman with obviously edited, unnaturally large lips.
reddit | alyssugh8

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think your lips are supposed to take up 1/3 of the surface area on your face. Like, please tell me people out there aren't actually thinking this is real.

No filters or editing...

An edited picture of a woman with a caption that reads, "No filters or editing. This is me at 51. Time to love ourselves!"
reddit | troublerx1

See, the problem isn't even the editing itself. It's the fact that she edited the picture, and then claimed that there was no editing involved. Like, a little honesty would go a long way in this world.

"Where is the texture."

A woman in a crop top. Her midriff section is edited unnaturally smooth.
reddit | elizabue

I can't tell if they were trying to smooth her torso out (for some reason), or if she's actually wearing a full-length shirt and they... edited part of it out. Honestly, at this point I'd believe anything.

"Spotted on Facebook."

A woman whose face is clearly edited, as the skin doesn't match the rest of her body.
reddit | ikilledpucca

Is it just me, or did she straight up edit someone else's face onto her body? Because that's 100% what it looks like to me. The skin tone and lighting aren't even close to matching up, either.

"Isn't everyone's face this smooth??"

A woman in water. Her skin is too smooth and her makeup is too perfect despite being in water.
reddit | thelifeofsteveo

So we're supposed to believe that, despite the fact that her hair was clearly underwater at one point, her mascara is perfectly intact and her foundation isn't starting to melt off? Sadly, that's not how makeup works while swimming.

"She looks better before the photoshop."

Two images showing a woman in a parking garage. One is edited and the other is not.
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

It's really frustrating how beauty standards have people looking at their (perfectly normal and beautiful!) bodies and thinking they aren't thin or curvy enough. Here's hoping that looking completely normal will become a beauty standard someday.

"This is natural right?"

A woman with an obviously edited face and chest.
reddit | FreakAss

What completely floors me is the fact that this is a picture on a dating app. Like, do people not realize that their dates are going to figure out they don't look like their pictures? Or is this, like, a catfish situation?

"Wooow nice wonky wardrobe, real impressive."

A woman posing on the ground in a room; the closet behind her is warped from editing.
reddit | linbeb

Because, you know, your gut totally doesn't stick out a little when you sit. Which, funny enough, is exactly what's supposed to happen. But I guess a wonky closet door will get more likes than a little bit of stomach.

"Blur so strong her hair is disappearing."

A selfie where a woman's bangs have blended into her forehead.
reddit | PeleParty

You know, if you're insistent on editing your selfies, you should probably make sure your hair is still intact. It just looks like she has a big beige blob on her forehead in this pic.

"Tagged vs Posted. Everyone gets a new face when they cut their hair right?"

Two pictures of a woman; one where she's heavily edited, and one where she isn't.
reddit | Familiar_Local_1254

Those pictures basically don't even look like the same person. Like, she doesn't even have the same jaw in both pictures. How are people getting away with this stuff?

"It's like they didn't even try..."

A woman wearing a skirt. The curtains behind her are warped from editing.
reddit | lightvermilion

I honestly wonder if people post these kinds of obvious edits thinking no one will notice, or if they straight up don't care if people do. Either way, no one's gonna buy what you're trying to sell.

"An example of how fillers look online vs real life."

Two images of Kylie Jenner; one heavily edited and one not.
reddit | nutella435

What's crazy to me is that impressionable young women and girls all over the world spend thousands of dollars to look like her, and she doesn't even look like that. What a scam.