Boyfriend Defends GF After Trolls Attack Her Weight Online

Lex Gabrielle
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There is an old saying that goes, "you can't help who you fall in love with." When it comes to finding "the one," the heart wants what the heart wants. For many people, looks play a vital role in whether or not they can truly fall for someone. However, for others, there are many other factors that go into how you truly feel about someone else.

Some believe that looks should "match" a partner's.

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There are some people who believe that the way you look should be adjacent to your partner. Like, if you are dating a 10, you should also be around a 10.

Lifestyle choices also matter to many people.

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Lifestyle choices, such as working out and eating healthy, play a vital role in people's lives, too. Some people feel if you are fit and in shape, your partner should also be fit and in shape, as well.

However, there are many couples whose looks don't match up to a T.

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Some people enjoy having differences in their relationship and some also find different body types and looks to be wildly attractive. Not everyone wants to date someone who looks just like them.

One TikTok couple has been turning some heads for their relationship, with the boyfriend speaking out against the haters.

Ryan and Cami, who both share a lot of their lives on their TikTok pages, are happily and blissfully in love, as one can see through their videos on the app.

Despite sharing a child together and being so much in love, people always have negative things to say.

Ryan is in "great shape" as many people on the app tell him on a regular basis. His wife, who he refers to as "momma" often, is a bit thicker in appearance.

He posts various videos on the app showcasing his fit body.

Sharing videos of his fit progress, he showcases his gym gains and how lean he has been getting. In comparison to his wife, many feel that it is "unfair."

People are always telling him that he is "too good" for his wife.

Many people leave comments on videos of the couple saying that she is "too big" for him and he should go after someone who is more his size, who is in better shape.

Ryan, however, doesn't care what people say.

In a video shared alongside his wife, it said "When someone says I should be with someone that 'matches my look' and not my thick momma." The two are seen putting up their middle fingers to all those haters.

Ryan also shares videos embracing women who are "thicker."

The TikTok user is always sharing that he "loves" his wife's curves and shares in trends that embrace women who are "thicker" and have curves, instead of those who do not.

Although they have some critics, many people online adore the couple.

Despite some people hating on their love, many online adore them and claim that the two are their "favorite TikTok couple." Dozens of comments on videos praise Ryan for embracing his wife and all that she is.

Many also say their chemistry is clear as day.

"I'm just going to say your lady is hot as hell & y'all have great energy together. I can feel the big laughs after you turned the camera off," a TikTok user commented.