20 People Who Missed An Important Detail

Man wearing bleached shorts after sitting on a stool covered with Clorox
reddit | vibraniumdroid

The smallest details can make a big difference. Ignoring certain details can lead to a cascade of failure, embarrassing everyone who was involved.

Everyone knows that they won't be able to catch every little detail that life throws their way. But we can hope that we catch enough of these details that we don't mess up half as badly as the poor folks in this list.


Double-stacked boxes with "Do not double stack" sign
reddit | NadaMas333

This pic clearly shows the unequivocal 'Do not double stack' instruction, but there's an identical label on the left side as well. I get that instructions are hard and all that, but it would be hard to provide a clearer directive in this case.

"Handle with care."

Mangled box with "Fragile, handle with care" sticker
reddit | onebiscuit

Once again, this label had one simple request: handle this box with care, or at the very least, don't allow it to turn into an accordion. It was quite clearly handled, perhaps overhandled, but I don't think there was any care involved.

"Floor in my apartment building."

One floor tire installed incorrectly, messing up the pattern
reddit | cekosfranz

No one really looks at these tile patterns when they're installed correctly. But when they're installed incorrectly, they have a way of standing out like a sore thumb. I just can't look away from this abject failure.

"Wrong software."

Speed sign reads 85° F
reddit | Revealed_Jailor

It isn't that hard to get into an electronic highway sign and make it say all kinds of weird stuff. I'm not sure if that's what happened here. Maybe the sign just wants to tell drivers that they're particularly hot.

"I didn’t wear bug spray today. I think I should have."

Woman with dozens of bug bites on arm
reddit | -v0x-

If you're a pale ginger like me, this pic will be all too familiar. Heck, even with adequate bug spray it can sometimes be hard to avoid getting a few dozen bites on a buggy night.

"Hospital makes mistake on a baby's birth certificate. Welcome to the world, Korn."

Hospital mess-up on birth certificate names a baby 'Korn' rather than 'Kora'
reddit | Ozymandias_017

I would say that there are worse names than Korn, but now that I think of it...no, there really aren't any worse names than Korn. It at least would have had a little more cultural cachet back in the '90s.

"The bathroom ceiling at my work that nobody can fix until Tuesday."

Leak causing bathroom ceiling to sag
reddit | No_Lingonberry3694

It's a horrifying sight when this happens, because literally the only thing that's holding that deluge of water in place is a thin layer of dried paint. It's holding for now, but it certainly won't hold forever.

"1 person is OK, 2 people is OK but in red."

Sign showing green checkmark over one person, red checkmark over two people
reddit | Luis008_

Even if the red check was a red X, I wouldn't be sure what was going on here. I mean, there aren't too many situations where one person is fine while two people is a no-go.

"If only there was a letter in flame that could resemble a flame."

Sign for 'Asian Flame' restaurant, where flame graphic replaces letter L
reddit | dickb0tt

This restaurant is either called Asian Fame and they put the fire graphic in a weird spot, or it's called Asian Flame and they definitely should have put the fire graphic one spot over to the right.

"Don't go with, fight it, the flow."

Confusing wording on back windshield sticker: "Don't go with fight it the flow."
reddit | Kubik_Cuts

Here's a classic example of the "Don't dead open inside" phenomenon, where wording is made unclear because of how it's laid out. It's still inspiring, though. Sometimes I want to fight it, the flow.

"Very confused messaging. Why strike out the part that leaves it meaning the same?"

Sign reading "No place for drugs" with "place for" struck out
reddit | EvilDMMk3

The caption for this pic perfectly outlines why the sign is so baffling. Usually if you're striking out words, you're changing the meaning. But in this case, the meaning really hasn't been altered at all.

"The almost never ending airport directional sign."

Airport sign: "Stairs & Elevators & Terminal & Stairs & Elevators & Terminal & Stairs"
reddit | TrevorAlan

Could they have just made a sign saying "Stairs, Elevators & Terminal"? Yeah, they probably could have, but the frantic repetition of this sign perfectly mirrors the stressful chaos of the airport environment.

"Self explanatory."

Uber Eats order cancelled by support team, but will still be charged
reddit | thatboy2323

I love the fun graphic on this one. It's almost enough to make you forget that Uber canceled the order for reasons known only to them, and that they'll also be charging you for it, also for reasons known only to them.

"I asked for extra broccoli in my spaghetti and only received one."

"Extra broccoli" spaghetti order only includes one broccoli
reddit | Amazing-Society-6525

Spaghetti is a great meal that can be made even better with a couple of veggies. I suppose it's technically better with one sad broccoli floret added into the mix, but it seems like the restaurant could have given a little more.

"My housemate who doesn't understand the concept of a contract trying to move out early without paying all his rent."

Text message exchange showing that roommate doesn't understand contracts
reddit | meemster786

The good news for this person is that they can, in fact, move out early. If they're wondering about what kind of penalty they might face for doing so, they can simply consult their helpful contract.

"Canada ? Day.. a thrift store's sign in Abbotsford, BC."

Canada Day sign showing Canadian flag superimposed on U.S. map
reddit | TechWizard2020

The maps of both Canada and the United States have fairly distinctive outlines. You'd think that a Canadian celebrating Canada Day in Canada would have some idea of what Canada looks like, but apparently not.

"This 3rd grade math problem."

Math problem based on a specific number of birds; image is unclear about how many birds there are
reddit | webguy96

Some math problems seem like they're simply designed unfairly. Are you supposed to count how many birds there are in the nest illustration? If so, how many are there? I see three for sure, along with two or three indistinct outlines.

"I bought some new shorts that are shorter than my other shorts for work. Now my leg looks like Neapolitan ice cream."

Man's legs showing different gradations of sunburn
reddit | chet-

This is bound to happen if you're playing fast and loose with the length of your shorts. Also, I just want to remind this guy that sunscreen is a thing that exists.

"NYC Fireworks- guy films for 15 mins but forgets to hit record."

Man trying to take video of fireworks but forgets to hit record
reddit | vanderpumptools

This is what FOMO looks like: recording every event so you won't forget it, then realizing that you missed the event because you were so busy recording, and also that you didn't even record it in the first place.

"Got new cargo shorts and accidentally sat on a stool that my sister was cleaning with Clorox…"

Man wearing bleached shorts after sitting on a stool covered with Clorox
reddit | vibraniumdroid

When you get bleach on clothes, there's really no going back. They'll still function, but they're forever bleached. Sucks for this guy, but at least his cat's cute.

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