Parents Disgusted After Their Son Poops In A Toilet Display

Jordan Claes
Little boy pooping in a toilet, inside a store.
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Bathroom accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Everyone, regardless of how old or young they may be, understands the shame and embarrassment that comes from not making it to the toilet in time.

Recently, while out shopping with his parents at the local hardware store, a 4-year-old boy named Jacob started to feel that familiar rumble in his tummy. Only instead of telling his parents, he decided to pull down his pants and poop in a display toilet.

There are a few human experiences that can be understood across geographical and cultural divides.

Gender neutral bathroom sign.
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For example, we all understand the pang of thirst, the growling rumble of a hungry belly, and the call of Mother nature that sends us running to the nearest bathroom.

When forced to do so, most of us have the ability to stave off what our bodies are trying to tell us.

View of driving down the highway, from the driver's perspective.
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If you're driving down the highway with only a mile to go until your destination and you suddenly feel parched or hungry, odds are you're going to push through it.

But when you have to go to the bathroom, that's a whole other ball game.

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Realizing you need to relieve yourself is a lot like hearing a tornado warning: you've only got a window of in-between 5-9 minutes before all hell breaks loose.

It's a lesson that parents Caroline and Azzy Ahktar recently had to learn the hard way.

Little boy pooping inside a display toilet.
Facebook | Cazzy Wazzy

While the couple was out shopping for a new clothesline at their local DIY shop, they looked over into the housewares section and were mortified to see their son pooping in one of the toilet displays.

"Can’t quite believe what’s happened," Caroline wrote via Facebook. "J has taken a very big poo in one of the B&Q display toilets."

Man cleaning son's poop out of a display toilet.
Facebook | Cazzy Wazzy

Caroline and Azzy only took their eyes off their 4-year-old son for a matter of minutes, but that was more than enough for little Jacob to make himself at home.

Upon realizing what was happening, Caroline ran to tell her son to get off the toilet.

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Unfortunately, it was already too late. The young boy sat happily swinging his legs to-and-fro, and couldn't seem to figure out what all the fuss was about.

"I left to get wet wipes and came back to him still sat on there because he ‘needed to finish’ and hubby didn’t know what else to do."

Man cleaning son's poop from a display toilet.
Facebook | Cazzy Wazzy

According to Caroline's post, the young shop assistant couldn't contain his laughter, but also completely ignored the situation.

In an interview with NeedToKnow.Online, Caroline explained that her and her husband's horror quickly dissolved into fits of laughter.

Couple laughing, spitting water.
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"I quick-paced back to the car park to get wet wipes and nappy bags and couldn’t stop laughing then," the mother of three recalled.

"He was still on the toilet so I proceeded to help wipe his bum still and explain that the toilets in shops are not actual toilets," Caroline said.

Doll sitting on the edge of a toilet seat.
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Once Jacob was all cleaned up and his mess had been properly disposed of, Caroline and Azzy prompted their son to tell them what made him think he could go to the bathroom while inside the store?

"He said his sister, Frankie, said he could use it," Caroline explained.

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The youngest child, Eliza, was also present while all of this was going on — but was totally content to ignore the situation and continue crawling all over the toilet displays.

No doubt, this was an embarrassing ordeal for all. But as one fellow Facebook user pointed out — there's always a silver lining.

Empty toilet roll that says "Don't panic."
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"Well, at least he's potty trained," the Facebook user joked. Thus proving that sometimes you just have to make the best out of a crappy situation.