Young Celebrities Who Just Happen To Have Famous Parents

Kasia Mikolajczak
Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley.
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So I don't know if you realized that a lot of up-and-coming Hollywood stars are actually kids of other celebrities. Oh, yeah! Funny how that happens, huh? Well, there has to be something said for having good genes. Am I right?

So let's take a look at some of these young stars that have famous people as parents. Let's see if you can guess just by looking at their pictures. Come on!

Maya Hawke

If you're a fan of Stranger Things, you'll definitely recognize Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley on the show. But did you realize that her parents are even more famous? Oh, yes, that's right.

She's the daughter of Ethan Hawke, known for movies like Gattaca and Boyhood, and butt-kicking Uma Thurman, who was fearless in Kill Bill, ha, ha. Here's a sweet pic of dad and daughter together.

Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Russell, Kurt Russell, and Goldie Hawn
instagram | @goldiehawn

Fans of the Marvel Universe will quickly recognize Wyatt Russell as John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But did you know his dad is Kurt Russell? Wow, I didn't know that. Kurt Russell also had a role in a Marvel movie. He played Ego the Living Planet in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And, his mom is none other than Goldie Hawn.

Sosie Bacon

Let me ask you something: do you watch 13 Reasons Why? If you do, you probably love Sosie Bacon as Skye Miller on the popular TV Show. She actually had her acting debut in her dad's movie Loverboy. So who's her dad? Kevin Bacon, of course. I guess she's winning the 6-degrees of Kevin Bacon game, no? Oh, and her mom is Kyra Sedgwick.

Elle King

Elle King might have you wrapped around her little finger with the song "Ex's & Oh's", but did you know her dad is funnyman and former Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Schneider. What? How did I not know that?

Allison Williams

Oh my goodness, did you watch the movie Get Out? Wasn't it crazy or what? Anyway, Allison Williams not only starred it in but also made her mark as Marnie on Girls. But did you know that she has a very famous dad? Brian Williams is a former NBC Nightly News and The 11th Hour anchor. Wow!

Louisa Jacobson

Louisa Jacobson in costume for The Gilded Age.
instagram | @louisa_jacobson

I admit I never watched The Gilded Age, but if you're a fan, you must have enjoyed Louisa Jacobson playing Marian Brook on the show, eh? But did you also realize that she's got a super famous mom? Get ready for it! I'm talking about the one, the only Meryl Streep. OMG!

Riley Keough

Riley Keough and Lisa Marie Presley
instagram | @lisampresley

Some kids seem to inherit not only their parents' good looks but also their talents. And that's exactly the case with Riley Keough. Her mother is none other than Lisa Marie Presley. Wowza! I have to admit I had no idea about the relationship here. And of course, her granddad is Elvis himself.

Margaret Qualley

Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley in Maid.

If you enjoyed Margaret Qualley's performance in Maid, you might not know a little secret. Her famous mother is Andie MacDowell, who is also on the show. As they say, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, eh?

Hailey Baldwin

I don't know about you, but I was pretty much obsessed with the Baldwin brothers back in the day, hee-hee. I mean, how can you not be, eh? They're such hunks, lol. So it's no wonder that Hailey Baldwin followed in her famous dad's footsteps. I actually didn't realize Stephen Baldwin was her dad. I know, duh?

Sofia Richie

You might know Sofia Richie as a social media personality, model, and fashion designer. But she also has a very famous father. Yes, you guessed it — it's Lionel Richie indeed. She might not be as famous as her sister Nicole, but she does alright.

Cazzie David

When you grew up with such an eccentric dad as Larry David, your life must be super interesting. Am I right? I bet Cazzie David would have a lot to say about that. But she does well for herself, being a successful scriptwriter and actress. So she must've picked up a thing or two from her dad.

Lily Collins

Those who grew up listening to Genesis can appreciate great music. And Phill Collins is a musician extraordinaire, that's for sure. That's why I'm definitely not surprised that his daughter Lily Collins is a talented actress all on her own. It must also be super cool to be related to such a strong music man.

Maude Apatow

I have to admit I haven't gotten into watching Euphoria yet. But I'm sure Maude Apatow as Lexi Howard is fabulous in it. It's no wonder since Maude comes from such a talented gene pool. Her dad is filmmaker Judd Apatow and her mom is funnywoman and actress Leslie Mann.

Colin Hanks

I first discovered Colin Hanks when I started watching the show, Roswell. Honestly, you can't deny the resemblance to his famous dad, Tom Hanks. Not only did Colin get his dad's good looks, but he's got the acting chops, too.

Zoë Kravitz

It might be a dead giveaway when your last name is Kravitz that you are related to the one and only singer Lenny Kravitz. But this talented young woman who wanted to make her own name stand out is also the daughter of the actress Lisa Bonet. She definitely hit the jackpot with this gene pool, eh?

Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp grew up with constant media attention. I mean, it comes with the territory when your parents are as famous as Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. But this young woman didn't let that go to her head. Instead, she forged her own path as an actress and a model, so kudos to her. And it's pretty uncanny how much she looks like her mom, right?

Zoey Deutch

Who watches The Politician, huh? I bet you're pretty familiar with Zoey Deutch, who stars as Infinity Jackson on the show. But were you aware that she is the daughter of '80s queen and Back to the Future actor, Lea Thompson? Oh, I had no idea, haha. She definitely has her mother's good looks. Here's the cutest little throwback of Zoey and her mom. Aww!

Jack Quaid

Who here is obsessed with the show The Boys? I'm happy to see that it's back, and I can't wait to catch up. But I have to confess something. I had no idea that Jack Quaid, who plays vigilante Hughie Campbell, is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. Like seriously, how did I not know that? Here's a cute throwback of Jack and his mom.

Wow, did you know about all these young actors?

Kim Kardashian saying "Who knew?"
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As I said before, a few of them caught me by surprise. I had no idea who they were related to, ha, ha. I guess I need to pay more attention from now on. But now that I am aware, I will follow their careers closer. How about you? Are you already a fan of these young stars?