Wedding Guest Stunned By 'Cheap' Wedding Food

Lex Gabrielle
wedding food on display at table
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When planning a wedding, some couples put a lot of time and effort into planning their special day. Some couples want to have super expensive and lavish affairs, while others want to keep things small and intimate. But, as wedding guests, there are certain expectations that people have when they are going to someone else's big day. People always judge a wedding based on a couple of things.

First, all guests are concerned with the venue.

fancy wedding venue
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Arriving at a wedding, many wedding guests will look around and judge a wedding by where it is located and just how nice the location is. If the place is nice, they know the food must be good.

Food is a huge part of a good wedding.

wedding food set up on table

Obviously, guests are looking forward to a good meal when they attend a wedding. From cocktail hour and appetizers to the sit-down or buffet meal, guests look forward to seeing what's on the menu.

Many guests will be harsh critics of the food at a wedding.

wedding dessert
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If the food is good, they'll always say the wedding was great. But, if a wedding has a bad food selection, it can totally ruin the day or night for guests attending.

One Reddit user recently shared an unfortunate experience that they had attended a wedding.

wedding table set up
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On the subreddit community "We Want Plates," the Reddit user shared a photo of what appeared to be a spread at a wedding they attended. But, there were no plates and no utensils in sight.

The spread was rather random.

Food on a table at a wedding
reddit | Reddit

There was cheese, some slices of bread, peppers, vegetables, and some cut-up fruit in fancy shapes. But, there were no trays or plates on the table. The food was just out there on the tablecloth.

The Reddit user was totally grossed out.

so nasty gif
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And, many people on Reddit agreed that this was a terrible display of food, especially at a wedding. One person pointed out that the tablecloth didn't even look clean that the food was on.

Some people also mentioned how "no one" washes their hands anymore.

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

"Sorry but is anyone else imagining seeing a guy in the restroom not wash his hands and then watch him picking at the same cheese column as you?" questioned sexywheat.

Other people said the food mix was trash.

garbage gif
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Many pointed out that having this mix of food seemed rather random. The cooked peppers with the watermelon and the cut-up kiwi was rather strange. And, many said the cheese looked cheap.

One person didn't like the food touching.

Unsplash | Sahand Babali

"THE WATERMELON IS TOUCHING THE BREAD, I REPEAT, THE WATERMELON IS TOUCHING THE BREAD, ENGAGE PANIC MODE," screamed Reddit user literally_pee. Who wants soggy bread anyway? Not in watermelon juice.

Many brought up Covid-19, too.

covid-19 nurse
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Several users brought up the need to be sanitary in health crises, such as Covid-19, and not have everyone touching and moving food around especially when they could potentially be sick — you never know!

One person said they just had to comment.

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"I usually don't comment on WeWantPlates...but this is really the most absurd thing I've ever seen. Like they did it as a joke. But it's not funny. Someone was high as [expletive] to do this," another said.