Trolls Attack Man Who Got His Mother's Bite Mark Tattooed On Him

Lex Gabrielle
tattoo artist completing a tattoo
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When people get tattoos, they often try to think long and hard about what they want to get. As many know, tattoos are permanent works of art on the body. Some people like to get things that are more meaningful to them, while others go for things they just like or think will look cool. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to ink.

Some say you should "sleep on" tattoo ideas.

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It's really because tattoos are super expensive and also, are works of art that last forever. Unless you want to pay for the ink and also pay to get it removed, painfully, down the road, of course.

Many people have tattoos that are sentimental.

tattoo of book cover
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They think of things that are extremely meaningful to them so that they will not grow up to regret the tattoo they have chosen. Some like to honor their friends and family as a way to show their love.

Sometimes, these are people's names or birthdays.

tattoo artist working on arm
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Some people will tattoo their parents' names or even their children's names on their bodies. Or, they'll even get birthdays or birth flowers tattooed on them to showcase love and meaning and love for them.

Some people even have their friends and family draw something for them.

drawing of an eyeball
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Getting an original piece of art made by someone you love means that you'll always have something that is original and unique on your body to remind you of them forever.

But, some "sentimental" tattoos can go a bit too far.

tattoo on girl's arms
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Recently, one TikTok user decided to get a tattoo for his mom and it's making a lot of people online question it entirely. While many people usually love meaningful tattoos, this one is definitely one many have never seen before.

Cinco Magallanes showcased the "bite mark" he got tattooed on his leg.

Mom biting son's leg for tattoo tiktok video
TikTok | TikTok l c1nc00

In order to make sure it was perfect, Cinco brought his mom to the tattoo shop with him. His mom proceeded to "bite" his leg in the spot he wanted, leaving a perfectly clear imprint that can be used.

Next, the artist traced it with pen.

Tattoo artist cleaning leg
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As all tattoo artists do before they complete a tattoo, the artist outlined the bite mark with marker to use as a stencil for when they permanently made the tattoo on Cinco's skin.

Then, the tattoo artist made that bite permanent.

tattoo artist tattooing bite mark on leg
TikTok | TikTok l c1nc00

Cinco sat like a champ while the tattoo artist made the bite mark from his mom a new piece for his leg. And, his mom seemed to enjoy watching him get the ink done, too.

At the end of the video, his mom shed a few tears.

Mom crying in tiktok video
TikTok | Tiktok l c1nc00

Clearly, the tattoo was meaningful to her, as she seemed touched and even honored that her son got the tattoo on his leg forever. It's a bond like no other.

Many people were divided over the tattoo.

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Some thought it was super strange that the TikTok user wanted to get a bite mark from his mother tattooed. Others said the idea is cool, but maybe from their wife or their girlfriend —not their mom.

However, some found it sweet.

Some said it was definitely different and a nice way to keep his mother with him always and forever. And, he'll always look down and remember this experience they had together. So, it's a win for Cinco!